Chart Earning Potential with the RIA Economic Discovery Tool

Becoming an independent registered investment advisor (RIA) could mean a boost to your earning potential, as well as the value of your business over time.

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Our convenient online RIA Economic Discovery tool can help you estimate the financial benefits you may receive as an RIA. Enter data about your practice to discover your potential.

Advantages of Being an RIA

As an RIA, you not only have the freedom to run your business how you want to, you also have the possibility of increasing your net income. Becoming an RIA could also set you up for a positive transition to the next step of your career.

  • Start your own firm or join an existing one
  • Keep your traditional brokerage business in addition to your fee-based services
  • You determine how you're paid, including the opportunity to keep up to 100% of your revenue
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By Entering Data About Your Current Practice, You Can:
  • Chart your potential earnings
  • Realize income growth and firm value over time
  • Compare economics from your current model to the RIA model

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Exploring Independence

A comprehensive look at the spectrum of options for becoming an independent RIA, key benefits, economic potential and the role of the custodian.