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The banking crisis has sparked immense focus on financial stability; and with an attendant tightening in credit conditions, the risk of a formal recession has risen notably.
March 19, 2023

Market surprises force investors—and the Federal Reserve—to re-evaluate yet again.
March 16, 2023

Given the topsy-turvy nature of the market thus far in 2023, it remains crucial for investors to know what they are buying—especially as it relates to growth, value, and quality.
March 5, 2023

In the face of persistent macro headwinds, earnings growth continues to deteriorate, putting the fundamental backdrop for the market at risk.
February 5, 2023

Leading indicators continue to point toward further economic weakness, making it difficult and premature to determine whether the labor market can maintain its relative strength.
January 22, 2023

There was something for everyone—even those supportive of an economic soft landing—in December’s jobs report, but recessionary signals have not subsided.
January 8, 2023

Over the past 70 years, rising government debt generally has been accompanied by weaker economic activity. But it’s not a simple relationship.
December 20, 2022

Though the Fed is close to the end of its rate-hiking cycle, additional increases in the fed funds rate are still likely, albeit less aggressive in magnitude.
January 31, 2023

A better-than-expected October consumer price index report provided some relief and support for equities, but investors should be wary of low-quality leadership and, to some extent, crypto stress.
November 13, 2022

Earnings weakness is starting to materialize across a broader swath of industries, with hits coming from a strong dollar, weaker demand, and aggressive monetary policy.
October 30, 2022

Much attention has been paid to the elevated risk (and announcement) of a recession, but investors should instead focus on signals coming from leading economic indicators.
October 16, 2022

On the surface, a new 1% stock buyback tax and 15% corporate minimum tax on top-earning companies may look harmful to bottom lines, but we think the reality is more nuanced.
October 9, 2022