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[Baker & Associates
Irvine, California]

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Chris Baker, President of Baker & Associates]

CHRIS BAKER:  Once we were ready to start moving client accounts over to Schwab, Aaron came onsite and was here several days, and he made it so easy and so smooth for our clients to actually move their accounts.

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Aaron Burch
Consultant, Charles Schwab Advisor Services]

AARON BURCH:  This is something we do on a daily basis with other advisors, and we've helped over 1,500 advisors transition to Schwab. That gives them a little bit of peace of mind in knowing that we're there to support them.

CHRIS:  My biggest concern in going independent was being able to convert our portfolio management system into a new system that had an interface with Schwab. And they were able to bring over all of our 20 years-plus of historical data and transactions, so that I'm able to continue to show inception-to-date returns on portfolios.

AARON:  We scheduled weekly conference calls where we asked a series of questions about her client base and what those clients' needs were to make sure that everything was set up properly on our platform, so we didn't have any interruption once the process started. Chris and her team were able to convert their clients' assets a lot faster than I think they originally thought.

CHRIS:  I had done some research and expected about 70- to 75% of our clients would transition with us and move their assets over, and I was pleasantly surprised that we had closer to 95%. It was seamless, and we had no complaints at all from any clients in this transition.
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