IMPACT Highlights

Submitted by robert.f.davis on April 10, 2018

Adrian Rodriquez:
So, before I got into my program, I didn't know that Independent Advisors existed.

Alishia Dubois:
Especially after 2008, it was more of the sales, and just people in the finance industry were, you know, the bad guys.

Carie Young:
I would think about stock rooms in Wall Street and think that it was a fast-paced environment.

Megan Kapala:
What really surprised me the most about the industry was the amount of flexibility that the Independent Advisors have in order to service their clients, in order to really reach their financial goals.

Patrick Marcinko:
One of the things that, you know, has really stuck out to me is how transparent, kind of, transparent and independent and objective the financial planning process is on the independence side.

Emerald Ward:
All the advisors, all the workers in the industry want to help you; they want you to ask them questions.

Carie Young:
When you think about the business world, you think about people who are competing against one another who aren't willing to help each other, but here it's almost like, 'Here, take my hand and I'm willing to help you."

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