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Irvine, California]

CHRIS BAKER: I have two young teenagers at home. And, you know, I hope to be setting a good example for my kids, and being a good role model. And prior to going independent, I really didn’t feel like I was accomplishing that goal.

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[Chris Baker
President, Baker & Associates]

Being independent has really moved our practice forward.

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[Brendan Sullivan
Relationship Manager, Charles Schwab Advisor Services]

BRENDAN SULLIVAN:  We’re very in tune with an advisor in understanding that they have a strong business acumen, they already have that entrepreneurial spirit, and we really try to customize what we offer to the advisor in helping them manage and be successful within their own business.

CHRIS:  Schwab has a benchmarking study that any of their independent RIAs can participate in, and I do choose to participate in that every year because it gives us a comparison of how we’re doing compared to other firms throughout the nation. So it’s a very, very good practice management tool and resource.

BRENDAN: Within Advisor Services we have technology consultants, we have subject matter experts, we have our Technical Client Service group, all that support Chris.

CHRIS:  They’re not telling me what to do, they’re not making any decisions for me, but they’re there to help and support my business.

BRENDAN:  From the top down and in the middle of these firms, they’re entirely different, their offerings are entirely different.  There’s no cookie-cutter approach to how we work with firms.

CHRIS:  It has made our business much more efficient. This move has really freed up a lot of time for me to spend with the kids. And I think going independent has really helped me find that balance between work and family.

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