Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®
Offered by Schwab Performance Technologies®

December 2018

Mutual fund and more customization added to Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®

We’ve added more ways to expand and customize the suite of portfolios you offer your clients. Recent enhancements to Institutional Intelligent Portfolios include:

  • The availability to offer mutual fund OR exchange-traded fund portfolios to your clients .
  • More customization options to enable you to build a virtually unlimited number of model portfolios .
  • Ability to modify the rebalance drift threshold for each asset class.
  • Addition of Inherited IRA accounts for an individual or minor beneficiary.

Questions? Use the Getting Started Guide to help build additional portfolios using these new features, or contact the service team at or 877-768-5280.

December (1218-8FPD)

July 2018

Now you can easily open accounts for your clients online

With digital account open it's easier than ever for you to electronically:

  • open client brokerage, IRA and trust accounts
  • select investment strategies
  • add your own documents

Once the new account set up is complete, your clients receive an email to review, digitally confirm, and approve the pre-filled account details you entered.

Clients can view the portfolio allocation but cannot make changes.

You can work with your Firm Security Administrator (FSA) to receive access.

More information is available in the Digital Account Open User Guide. Contact for a copy.

Digital account open is expected to be available for other types of accounts later this year.

June 2018 (0518-8CF6)