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Expansion Through Acquisition or Merger

Submitted by Dan.Benson on October 3, 2017

As your business succeeds, you may consider expanding your firm to drive continued growth. Schwab can help you connect with potential candidates for a merger or acquisition, and help you determine your financing needs.

When you decide to expand your firm, you'll want to find potential candidates who share the vision for your business.

Online Business Listing Service

The Schwab Advisor Transition Services™ website offers the industry's only online listing service for firms looking to grow their business through a merger or acquisition. Save time by using targeted criteria to search for firms whose business model and objectives are aligned with yours, or list your firm as a buyer and communicate with potential sellers directly and confidentially.

Customized Financing Resources

You can also work with consultants who have experience with mergers and acquisitions, and who may be able to help you determine if you require financing and identify solutions to meet your needs. For qualified advisors, we can provide guidance on funding a potential merger or acquisition, along with referrals to lending providers.