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Develop Your Growth Strategy

Submitted by jib.butterworth on August 4, 2017

Take a strategic approach to building your practice based on the performance and best practices of leading firms.

Our Annual RIA Benchmarking Research

The RIA Benchmarking Study reflects the input of over 2,000 advisors1, and provides you with the data and insights you need to learn how your firm's current growth efforts and results compare to similar firms. The research provides key information on:

  • Growth rate of assets under management (AUM)
  • Sources of new client assets
  • How firms like yours intend to achieve their goals for growth
  • Staffing and dollar investments in marketing and business development
  • New client acquisition costs and estimated returns on that investment
  • Potential barriers to growth

Compare Your Firm with the Top Firms in Your Peer Group

The RIA Benchmarking Study includes a customized Peer Benchmarking Report that delivers not only median performance, but also performance for the top 20% of firms in your peer group. Robust data taken from a diverse group of participants translates to actionable information that will enable you to:

  • Compare your growth with firms of similar size and business model
  • Learn what has been accomplished by firms outpacing the average growth rates
  • Highlight your strengths and identify areas where you can potentially improve

Make Better-Informed Business Decisions

Schwab Market Knowledge Tools™ (MKT) deliver relevant and timely information that keeps you on the forefront of trends and competitive challenges facing growing firms in the industry.

  • Learn about a range of RIA-relevant topics, from general business planning to human-capital strategies to improving back-office efficiency.
  • Access best practices, practical examples and insights from growth leaders and best-managed firms across the industry.

Schwab RIAs grew an average of 7% over the past three years.2

The RIA Benchmarking provides key insights into how your growth compares with that of your peers and with some of the fastest-growing firms.