Offering choice and efficiency in portfolio management

Submitted by john.lee on August 29, 2018


Portfolio management tools are important to any successful advisory practice. They offer valuable insight into what’s impacting your clients and business. We’re excited that Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect is now generally available, delivering essential features for Schwab accounts without the need to maintain data and reports—free of charge.

Advisors are trying to streamline their operations. Reducing the cost and effort associated with running a portfolio management system, allows you to focus on your business—that’s especially important for smaller firms.

Those who need a more customizable or multi-custodial solution, can take advantage of our integration across a range of third-party providers. We want to offer you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your firm.

Portfolio Connect offers a simplified alternative, providing performance reporting and billing, and interactive dashboards. We’re now onboarding firms that are a good fit for the platform, and actively working with advisors to help them assess whether it meets their needs. Portfolio Connect may be a good option for your firm if you custody primarily with Schwab, and you’re comfortable with standardized reporting and billing on a quarterly basis.

Many small, growing firms participated in our early access program. They shared that Portfolio Connect is intuitive and easy to use, and the automated billing and reporting helped them save a lot of time. They also provided great feedback to help us enhance the features.

If your firm is interested in learning more, we encourage you to review the roadmap and complete the online survey on the Schwab Performance Technologies website. Whether you choose Portfolio Connect, or leverage our integration, we can help you be more efficient.

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