Managed Accounts & Turnkey Asset Management Platform Providers (TAMPs)

Managed Accounts & Turnkey Asset Management Platform Providers (TAMPs)

Easily integrate managed accounts into your firm’s offer

Schwab’s robust Managed Account Platform was custom-built for Registered Investment Advisors and makes it easy to do business with an array of money managers. Choose from single- or dual-contract structures, or use a combination of both to find separately managed accounts (SMAs) that best fit your clients’ needs. Our service team backs you up with strong operational support, while our consulting group focuses on providing the information you need to make thoughtful decisions on firms and strategies.

Eliminate fee negotiation and streamline administration

Together, Managed Account Select® and Managed Account Access® make up Schwab's single-contract option. Both are wrap-fee programs sponsored by Schwab. To complement the benefits of SMAs, including the flexibility and the tax efficiency that direct ownership allows and transparency into holdings, we have worked with the managers included in each program to negotiate account minimums and fees—eliminating this step and streamlining account setup and maintenance.

Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. (CSIA) researches, evaluates, and provides ongoing due diligence of money managers and investment strategies in Managed Account Select. CSIA also supplies research for advisors, including quarterly strategy profiles, reviews, and comparative reports.

With Managed Account Access, advisors must conduct their own research and due diligence on the hundreds of money managers and investment strategies available. Managers and strategies on this platform are not evaluated by Schwab or CSIA.

Control pricing by negotiating directly with money managers

Managed Account Marketplace® is a dual-contract platform that allows advisors to negotiate directly with their preferred money managers, who make available thousands of strategies from which to choose, while still benefiting from the brokerage and custody services of Schwab. Managers and strategies in this option are not evaluated by Schwab or CSIA.

Compare Schwab's Managed Account Platform solutions





Wide selection of money managers and strategies      
Fees and minimums pre-negotiated by Schwab


Evaluation and research by CSIA




Research, monitor, and validate managed account selections

Schwab offers support to help you make managed account investment decisions, including:

  • —Robust tool that streamlines the research and analysis process for SMAs, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and generates personalized investment proposals (provided by Informa Investment Solutions).
  • —Resource to help locate specific money managers and their strategies available on the Schwab platform. If the money manager you are looking for is not on this list, please contact your Relationship Manager for more information.
  • —Resource from CSIA with strategy performance details.

Schwab’s Managed Account Service Team offers operational support, including assistance with client applications and maintenance forms, for new and existing managed accounts.

analysts can provide useful information about SMAs and the money managers and strategies available on Schwab's platform to help you make more informed decisions and effectively explain them to clients.

As part of its consultative offer, the IMCG can help you generate client-facing proposals and run reports that detail your chosen strategy’s performance. Proposals can include hypothetical blends, customized analytics, and benchmark comparisons.

For more information, please refer to the section of our Service Guide.

Save time for what matters most with TAMP providers

Schwab also provides access to a variety of TAMP providers through . These providers can handle many time-consuming functions, such as manager research, portfolio construction, investment management, sales support, and performance reporting.

When working with a TAMP at Schwab, invested assets will continue to be custodied at Schwab, with all account activity, balances, and positions reported directly to the appropriate TAMP provider. The provider can then use the data to deliver customized client reporting and back-office services.

Some TAMP providers also offer unified managed accounts (UMAs). These solutions can hold a range of investment products—such as separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and ETFs—in a single account.