Transitioning as a Team

Not a trend,
but a movement

The Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) model is attracting more assets—and clients—each year. A record number of RIAs now manage $1 billion or more in assets. Is it your time to declare independence as an RIA?


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Go beyond the hype. Learn what top industry experts are saying about the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) movement. Discover the advantages, from advanced products and technology to customizable client experiences. And explore the highly evolved RIA support network that can help your team transition, thrive, and—ultimately—redefine the financial advisor industry.

Experience the rise of the RIA

Immerse yourself in the breakaway movement. Explore the latest developments, and dive into key issues and insights from those who’ve successfully transitioned.

Quadrant Private Wealth: Resources to help us succeed

Independence doesn’t mean alone. Learn why this RIA chose Schwab as its custodian and tapped Focus Financial Partners to set up operations.


Concentus Wealth Advisors: Resources to help us succeed

Concerned about running your own business? See why one firm turned to Schwab and Dynasty Financial Partners to power their independence.


Why RIAs are the future of financial advising

Momentum has shifted to the RIA. Discover why more investors demand a client-first approach and why RIAs are well positioned, as they strive to be trusted fiduciaries.


All signs point to the RIA: 5 reasons top-performing teams are breaking away

Offering new opportunities, resources, and support, the RIA model can serve the evolving needs of advisors and their clients. In response, advisor teams are moving to independence at an inspiring rate.


RIA rising: The opportunities for elite teams

Don’t let fear hold you and your clients back. Discover why large teams are choosing the RIA model.


A successful transition: Why experience matters

Learn why 30-plus years supporting RIAs through transition and beyond makes Schwab the custodian you want in your corner.


Inside the RIA Ecosystem: Dynasty Financial Partners

Founder Shirl Penney explains why RIAs are never alone. An extensive community of businesses is poised to support RIAs at every turn.


Inside the RIA Ecosystem: Advisor Growth Strategies

Worried about the risks of going independent? Founder John Furey reveals why staying at your current firm may actually be the riskier move.


Inside the RIA Ecosystem: Orion Advisor Services

CEO Eric Clarke has seen how independence frees RIAs from technological restrictions. Discover the newfound possibilities available to RIAs.


Inside the RIA Ecosystem: MarketCounsel

Ready to make your move? CEO Brian Hamburger shares insights on helping advisors structure their business for success.


3 reasons to go independent

Are the returns on independence worth the leap? Find out the impressive rewards you can expect as an RIA.


3 reasons large teams should go RIA

Learn why going down the well-worn path to independence is better for you, your clients, and your employees.


3 technological advantages for RIAs

Discover how expanding technology options in the RIA industry are helping RIAs get ahead of more traditional firms.


3 RIA misconceptions


Are you unsure about how to run a business? The support you need is out there. Learn why you should still make the jump to the RIA model.


3 reasons RIAs choose Schwab

Schwab has a long track record of investing in RIAs’ success. Explore how our commitment to independent advisors helps your team excel.


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