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Advisor Services

Is the independent advisor model the right fit for you?

What's the outlook for the industry? What's the transition process? What have other advisors experienced? These are questions many advisors have when considering going independent. The resources here can help answer them.

Watch what industry leaders, consultants, and other advisors have to say.

  • Play video: Where the industry is headed  ›

    Where the industry is headed  ›

    Alois Pirker, Director of Research for Aite Group Wealth Management, speaks on the state of the industry, trends from the past 10 years, and his expectations for the future.

  • Play video: What going independent has meant for me  ›

    What going independent has meant for me  ›

    Three advisors share their personal stories about making the transition to the independent RIA model and the kind of support they received from Schwab Advisor Services™.

  • Play video: Making the transition  ›

    Making the transition  ›

    Business consultants from Schwab Advisor Services discuss how they support new independent RIAs during every phase of their business.

  • Play video: How to grow as an independent  ›

    How to grow as an independent  ›

    David Selig, Founder and CEO of Advice Dynamics Partners, talks about the importance of valuation and defines the four key drivers of value for independent RIA firms.

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Learn more about the RIA model and the key steps for making the move with our essential guide, The RIA Roadmap.

IMPACT and InvestmentNews

Tim Oden, Schwab's National Managing Director of Business Development, talked to InvestmentNews at IMPACT 2016 about the breakaway movement and why advisors are moving to the RIA channel.
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