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What is Your Firm's Earning Potential as an RIA?

Find out your projected income and future firm's valuation with Schwab's RIA Economic Discovery Tool.

See how much you could make in the RIA model

Calculate what your profit and income might look like in the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) model. Answer a few questions about your current and anticipated practice using Schwab's modeling tool, and get a customized report in seconds. 

Use the RIA Economic Discovery Tool to:

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    Compare income

    See income and profit estimates across different business models.

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    Calculate expenses

    View a breakdown of expenses, including staff and transition costs.

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    Chart your valuation

    Map your RIA's estimated valuation over the next nine years.

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    Test launch scenarios

    Explore different ways to go RIA and how they may affect your firm's bottom line.

Ready to measure your earning potential?

Benefits of being an independent advisor

With the RIA model, you have more control over your firm's financials to:

  • Decide your take-home pay, with the ability to keep 100% of the profit you earn.
  • Gain control of costs by choosing the capital structure, technology platforms, and support services that are right for you
  • Structure your revenue however you want, including keeping your commission brokerage in addition to your fee-based services.
  • Monetize your business by building your succession plan and attracting potential buyers.

Want to learn more?

  • See why advisors choose independence

    Serve clients on your terms. Design workflows that work for you. Create a business built for your future.

  • Find the right business model for your RIA

    From creating your own firm to joining an existing RIA, there's more than one way to go independent.

  • Lean on Schwab's support

    Pursuing the RIA model looks different to each advisor. That's why Schwab's support resources are customizable to meet your specific needs.


Take a deeper look

Learn more about the economics of going independent. Schwab Business Development Officers can talk you through it—and share resources to help you plan for your transition. 

All conversations are completely confidential.

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*The Economic Discovery Tool (Tool) is intended solely for use by investment professionals. Please see: "Terms of Use and Important Information" prior to using the tool. The Tool simulates the pro forma financial results of various hypothetical scenarios for establishing, operating, joining and/or selling an investment advisory practice or firm and compares those simulated outcomes to various alternatives. The scenarios and alternatives covered are not exhaustive and may not be representative of those you actually encounter. Moreover, the simulated pro forma results are materially dependent on various assumptions and inputs, some of which are made and specified by you and some of which are static. These assumptions and inputs may not reflect actual circumstances, and thus the Tool is inherently limited and intended for general informational purposes only. The simulated pro forma results do not reflect, and are not guarantees of, actual or future results. Your actual results may be materially different than those simulated. Schwab makes no warranty of the accuracy or completeness of the Tool or the simulated pro forma results and shall have no liability for your use of the Tool. The Tool is not intended to provide financial, investment, legal, tax, or regulatory compliance advice. You are urged to consult your own professional advisors.