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Talent Management

Explore resources designed to help evolve your firm's talent strategy and attract, develop, and retain the best diverse talent.

Talent Resource Center

Top-performing firms create a cycle of opportunity to attract and retain key talent, ensuring continuity of their firms' people, culture, and values. 

Explore our Talent Resource Center for tools and resources to evolve your firm's talent strategy. 

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RIA Talent Advantage®

As the face of the investor changes, diversifying a firm’s workforce can be critical to meeting the needs of evolving clients. Registered Independent Advisory (RIA) firms are experiencing a strong growth trajectory, making the need to scale and grow efficiently more important than ever.

RIA Talent Advantage is a comprehensive offering to help enhance recruiting, hiring, talent development, and retention strategies to power your firm’s growth.

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RIA Summer Internship Program

At Schwab, we are committed to helping firms attract and retain top talent. By reaching out to colleges and universities across the country and selecting top candidates to participate in an internship experience, we are hoping to open a door to the RIA community for young talent.

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Internship Program

  • Recruitment playbook

    Use this guide through the recruitment and onboarding process. You’ll find actionable tips to strengthen your opportunities in hiring and retaining your ideal staff.

  • People are your most important asset

    Learn about creating your own cycle of opportunity to attract, develop, and retain key talent at your firm.

  • Compensation data

    The power of the RIA Benchmarking Study lies in the robust peer data it provides. The study’s Compensation Report offers participants national and regional salary and incentive data drawn from thousands of employees.

Executive Leadership Program

This exclusive one-year program of personal and professional growth is designed to prepare promising leaders to manage and grow RIA firms. The program combines premier academic curricula and faculty from some of the nation's top graduate schools, one-on-one executive coaching, and the deep industry experience of Schwab Advisor Services™.

Through meeting in person and connecting during weekly discussions, participants build valuable connections with other future leaders—leaders who continue to support one another through their careers.

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New Perspectives

Schwab University

  • RIA EdCenter™

    Learn how to get the most from Schwab Advisor Center® tools and enhance firm productivity by leveraging a range of online training courses.

  • Develop your firm's talent

    See how these advisors use sponsorship to develop talent at their firms—and improve employee engagement and retention.