We are vigilant in helping you protect your firm and your clients from cyber threats. Find resources, tools, and tips to strengthen your defenses. 



Two investment advisors and a technology officer work on a cybersecurity training plan.

It's not if, but when

Cybercrime is a top risk in the financial industry. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, 74% of firms have experienced cyberattacks.1  Schwab has resources that can help you train your team and strengthen your cyber practices. If you custody with us, visit our Cybersecurity Resource Center for a range of action-oriented tools that will help you create a robust program.

An investor uses their phone as part of a secure two-step login process.

It’s not if, but when

  • Get started

    Consider these tips as you create and refine your cybersecurity plan.

  • Advisor insights

    Learn how investment advisors like you develop and maintain cyber defenses.

  • Cybersecurity in action

    See a quick demo of our Cybersecurity Resource Center.

Explore more resources

  • Cybercrime FAQs

    Many investment advisors are seeking answers to cybercrime concerns. That’s why we’ve addressed the top 10 questions here.

  • Five steps to strengthen your cybersecurity program

    Reinforce your cybersecurity with these five steps. We can help you build a program to protect your clients and your firm.

  • Get your cybersecurity program compliance-ready

    Review the SEC's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations' latest risk alerts to help assess your cybersecurity program.

Keys to a more secure data environment

  • Keys to a more secure data environment

    Discover strategies for protecting data and creating a secure infrastructure.

  • Share tips for preventing fraud with your clients

    Learn about common fraud tactics and ways to prevent it from happening to you.


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