Two investment advisors discuss their business model.


Elevate your firm’s profile with marketing tips and tools that can help you gain more visibility, increase your market reach, and connect with new clients.

The Independent Difference Campaign

National Advertising

A powerful ad campaign just for you

Your independence is everything. And we support that 100%. That’s why we launched a national advertising campaign to help educate high-net-worth investors about the independent difference.

This high-impact multimedia campaign features real, independent investment advisors and highlights the values they live by—trust, accountability, and the fiduciary standard. The ads give investors reasons to consider switching to an independent investment advisor.

Three investment advisors from the Independent Difference ad campaign

Investor Education Website

Educating investors about the independent difference

Investor awareness of the independent difference is an important first step. Helping them understand the benefits of working with an independent investment advisor is the next step. That's why the national advertising campaign drives high-net-worth investors to Here, they can learn more about the benefits of working with an independent investment advisor and find an advisor near them.

High-net-worth clients meet with an independent investment advisor.

Advisor Directory

Declare your independence

In order for investors to connect with an independent investment advisor like you, they have to know where to look. That’s why we created an advisor directory on, where high-net-worth investors can find independent investment advisory firms in their area.

A computer screen displays the Advisor Directory.

Investor Education Tools

Explaining the independent difference

Need a compelling brochure for your prospect kit or valuable insights for prospective clients? You’re in the right place.

Leverage these ready-made marketing materials to help educate prospects about the value of working with an independent investment advisor:

An investment advisor communicates the value of working with an RIA.

Elevating your firm's profile

Digital Marketing

Reach clients and prospects in new ways

The Internet has transformed the way that investors seek information and make important decisions, creating new and exciting marketing opportunities. Discover best practices to engage with clients and reach new prospects today.

A client uses her smartphone to connect to her investment advisor.

Search Engine Optimization

Boost your website ranking in search results

A strong online presence can help you deepen client relationships and build awareness with prospects. But making a good impression online requires more than a quality website. To successfully drive business growth and attract new leads, your website needs to be easy to find online. And that starts with being search engine friendly.

A potential client discovers a firm’s website on his computer.


Improve your online presence

Most potential clients get their first impression of you by looking you up online. Elevate your LinkedIn profile1 and take advantage of tactics to strengthen relationships and generate referrals.

An investment advisor listens to tips for improving her firm’s online presence.

Marketing agencies

Working with a marketing agency

Investment advisors need to be able to communicate what makes their firms unique. A marketing agency (or a freelancer) can help you establish a more powerful and compelling presence. Learn what a consultant can do for you and how to work with one.

A marketing team works on an RIA’s communication strategy.

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