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Financial advisor marketing

Grow your client base with marketing resources designed to help you increase visibility, expand market reach, and strengthen your brand.

Standout marketing strategies for RIAs

Having a strategic, unified message across marketing channels can help Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) engage with clients, reach prospects, and stand out from competitors. Use our educational resources and insights as your guide to building effective strategies for your firm.

Hone your skills with our online learning programs

You want to grow your business. Our Virtual Practice Management programs can help you do just that with digital learning experiences and expert guidance. Designed specifically for independent advisors, our programs offer actionable insights and resources that give you the marketing know-how you need.

  • Lay the groundwork

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    Before you begin allocating marketing dollars, start by creating your client personas and refining your firm’s value proposition. Build a strong basis for a sustainable marketing strategy with our Forming Your Foundation program.

  • Plan for growth

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    Map out how you'll acquire new clients in the most effective way. We'll show you how to find and attract your ideal client in our Optimizing Your Growth Strategy program.

Tap into our insights

  • Your website: Attract the right prospects for your RIA firm

    Is your website working for you or against you? Learn four ways to differentiate your RIA firm through the eyes of your ideal client.

  • Winning referrals: Five ways to turn your clients into authentic advocates

    Who are your firm's clients? What moves them? What excites them? If you can answer these questions and address your clients' needs, they can—and will—tell their networks about you. Here are a few ways to encourage your clients to get talking.

  • Seal the deal: Find the client of your dreams

    The better you understand your ideal client, the more you can do to attract and retain others just like them.

Your firm, our advertising dollars

We know the RIA model is rooted in trust, and we want to spread the word. Schwab's national advertising campaign helps educate high-net-worth investors about the difference that independence can make in achieving their goals.

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More resources

  • Access third-party providers

    Looking to outsource your marketing or other operations to an expert? Schwab Affinity Services takes the guesswork out of your search with RIA-focused third-party providers—at preferred pricing.

  • Hear from your peers

    Learn how other independent advisors are navigating challenges and finding success. Hear their stories and gain access to peer survey results.

  • Keep your marketing compliant

    Learn from the industry's leading consulting firms and attorneys, and stay up to date on the latest regulations.

Take your firm to the next level

  • Take your firm to the next level

    Enroll in Schwab's educational programs and virtual series that are designed to help you improve your firm's marketing efforts.

  • Amplify your business with Schwab

    With our industry innovation and comprehensive resources, we can help you better serve your clients and achieve your firm's goals. If you don't custody with us, talk to a Schwab Business Development Officer to learn more. All conversations are confidential.