Peer Insights

Independent Advisor Outlook Study

Semiannual Schwab study capturing opinions and insights from hundreds of RIAs related to industry trends, opportunities, and strategies for growth.

Independent Advisor Sophomore Study

Schwab Advisor Services released the results of a study that looks at the motivations, mindsets, and experiences of financial advisors who have recently made the transition to the independent model (“sophomores”).


RIA Benchmarking Study results

Schwab's annual RIA Benchmarking Study makes it easy to see where your firm stands in critical business measures relative to your peers. Well over 1,000 firms participate annually—representing more than $750 billion in assets under management—to gain deep insights that help guide their strategic decision-making.

Mergers and acquisitions

Understand the current landscape as the industry matures using Schwab's semiannual research. If your firm's ready to take action, our listing service can help you connect with potential opportunities.

RIA Firm of the Future Study

Future-focused advisors share their perspectives on the road ahead and weigh in on the most critical opportunities for RIAs to maintain viability and sustain growth.