Resources for Your Clients

Our customizable tools and resources can help you deliver a more convenient, seamless client experience while underscoring your firm's value.


Customized digital tools

Schwab Alliance

Our online and mobile platform is designed exclusively for clients of independent advisors. The experience features your firm's branding and contact information, and offers your clients easy, secure access to their account information online or on the go. Clients can:

  • Securely log in online, and use voice verification when calling the Schwab Alliance team
  • Review account information and print statements
  • Approve requests or sign forms with just a few clicks
  • Offer view-only access for third-party professionals, even if they're not Schwab clients

Customize Schwab Alliance for Your Clients

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  • Help clients get started

    Get a step-by-step guide to setting up online and mobile access to Schwab Alliance.

  • Watch a demo

    This short video introduces you and your clients to Schwab Alliance with instructions on how to get started.

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  • Client education and resources

    The Client Learning Center is a dedicated education resource designed specifically for clients of advisors. This easy-to-use site helps you inform clients about important processes, account tools, and Schwab’s role as a custodian. You can walk through the site with clients in person or on the phone, or share the link via email.

  • Building winning relationships

    Use the "A Winning Relationship" brochure to explain to clients how Schwab works with advisors like you to protect their assets and support their investment goals. It includes an overview of Schwab products and services that support the management of their investments, as well as how we handle our role as custodian to safeguard assets.

  • Cybersecurity and fraud protection

    Educating your clients and your own team on safe cyber practices is an important component of a successful cybersecurity program. We have resources you can leverage to educate clients on how to help protect against fraud and how to respond in the event of a cyberattack.