The Support You Need

The paths to independence are well worn, and a robust community of support has sprung up around them. We connect you to a vast network of Schwab and third-party consultants and providers so that you have the right resources at every step.  

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Experts in your corner

When you go independent with Schwab as your custodian, you enter a community of world-class Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) support from industry experts and Schwab professionals who focus on details like back-office implementation and every aspect of launching and growing your firm.

  • The independence community

  • Advisor Growth

    Advisor Growth Strategies

  • Eric Clarke, CEO, Orion Advisor Services

    Creating your network: More tech options and support

  • Brian Hamburger, President and CEO, MarketCounsel

    Start with the end: Planning your firm

5 business models for the modern RIA

What will it look like to chart your own course to independence? Review the five core RIA models.

5 business models

Resources and connections

Hear what these advisors have to say about their move to independence and the wide range of support that helped make it possible.

  • Quadrant Private Wealth: Resources to help us succeed video

    Guides for each step toward independence

  •  Accelerating successful transitions video

    Accelerating successful transitions


Specialized expertise at every step

Building an RIA firm can be challenging. That’s why Schwab provides dedicated business startup, transition, and technology teams to help you navigate your launch. But our support doesn't end there. Our consultants, custom tools and resources, and executive education empower you to grow your business and work toward achieving your strategic goals—long after your transition.

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Helpful information

  • Understanding the advantages

    RIA industry assets have grown steadily for over a decade.1 Find out why you shouldn't wait to join the movement.

  • Choosing the right path

    There are many ways to go independent. Explore the options, and learn the important questions you should ask to find the path that's best for you and your clients.

  • Making the transition

    Moving to the independent RIA model can be an incredibly rewarding process. We're there to support you at every step.


Get where you want to be

Talk to a Schwab Business Development Officer to learn how our innovation, insights, and resources can help you own your future and better serve your clients.
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1. The Cerulli Report; U.S. Intermediary Distribution 2018, Exhibit 2.07.