Account Management & Trading

Schwab’s technology platform

For over 25 years, we’ve been working with and learning from advisors like you. Our platform combines our expertise and advanced proprietary tools with best-in-breed third-party products. That means you get an integrated, end-to-end solution that helps streamline and automate routine tasks so you can focus on what matters most—serving clients and scaling your business.

Digital tools and service

Work seamlessly with clients and Schwab on everyday tasks, offering:

  • Flexible, integrated electronic approval tools that enhance security and let clients approve transactions on the go
  • Digital account open process to streamline client onboarding and paperwork
  • A customizable website and mobile platform, offering clients easy access to accounts and requests
  • Detailed status and alerts to help you track important requests and more

Integration with third parties

Choose the technology solutions that work best for you and work together. Our platform offers secure, high-quality integration with over 100 leading technologies, including deep integration with select providers. See how our flexible approach can help you share data across your most important systems to help you modernize and scale your practice.

Trading and portfolio management

Drive scale and capacity with a range of solutions to meet your evolving needs:

  • A feature-rich trading platform with real-time streaming quotes to help you make smarter, faster trading decisions
  • Integrated data and workflows to support where and how you want to trade
  • Simplified approach to portfolio management for Schwab accounts

Education and support resources

Track your adoption of core tools

The Technology Adoption Scorecard lets firms benchmark their adoption against that of their peers, and helps identify opportunities to improve back-office efficiency and enhance the client experience. It also opens access to resources, tools, and training to help firms take action.


Learn online

Take advantage of our robust online education offerings to get the most out of working with Schwab. From Schwab Advisor University’s library of online training modules to live webcast events, explore new tools, industry trends, and best practices that can help you scale and grow your business.

Attend a workshop

SOLUTIONS® is an annual, one-day workshop in select cities across the country designed to help firms run their technology and operations more efficiently and securely. You’ll gain insights directly from Schwab’s technology specialists, along with opportunities to network with your peers.