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Leverage Schwab's relationship with RIA vendors across the industry to research and select a solution that may be right for your firm.

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To help you find the right solutions for your firm, use the filters below to select the kind of tool or service you need. You can also filter results based on the level of integration with Schwab or even the provider's name. You can then easily focus in on those that may fit your needs, and click through to view detailed information, including screenshots of the technology in action.

Product Company Category Summary Schwab Integration & Programs
55ip Investment Strategy Engine 55ip Practice Management

Automated investment science designed to reduce fees, extreme losses, and taxes.

Single Sign On
55ip Tax Technology 55ip Practice Management

Proprietary algorithms drive automated tax management capabilities.

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Act Analytics ESG Platform Act Analytics Corp. Research & Analytics

End-to-end solution that helps RIAs build an ESG book of business.   

Addepar Addepar, Inc. Portfolio Management

Data aggregation, analysis, and reporting for financial advisors.

API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
SEC Cybersecurity Service Adelia Risk Cybersecurity

We help you protect your clients and comply with SEC cybersecurity.

NaviPlan Client Portal Advicent Solutions Financial Planning

Empower your clients with the collaborative NaviPlan client portal.

NaviPlan Advicent Solutions Financial Planning

From simple goal-based to advanced cash flow planning, NaviPlan is the answer.

API Integration
AdvicePay AdvicePay Other, Practice Management

Billing/payment solutions built for fee-for-service financial planning

Single Sign On
goalgamiPro Advisor Software, Inc. Financial Planning

Quick planning tool for Household Balance Sheet reports.

AdvisorEngine AdvisorEngine CRM, Portfolio Management, Trading & Rebalancing

Advisor Engine builds powerful and intuitive technology for financial firms and advisors to help grow their business.

Daily Data Files
AdvisorPeak AdvisorPeak Trading & Rebalancing

AdvisorPeak's trading and rebalancing software is the most powerful and intuitive way to manage your client portfolios. The AdvisorPeak software is supported by an experienced team with more than a decade of experience building software solutions for the wealth management industry. user-friendly interface makes onboarding a breeze where you'll be creating models, managing accounts, trading, and rebalancing efficiently, saving you time to focus on maintaining client relationships.

AdvisorStream AdvisorStream Limited Other, Practice Management

Automated client communication/digital content marketing platform for financial advisors.

Advisor Websites Website/Portal

Web platform designed to create and manage compliant, user-friendly advisor sites.

SCANalytics AdvisoryWorld Risk Analysis

Investment Analytics, Portfolio Construction, Hypothetical Illustrations.

Advisor Proposal Generator AdvisoryWorld Practice Management

Risk Profiling, Model Management, Goals Analysis with Monte Carlo Simulation and Proposal Generation.

Advyzon Advyzon Billing, CRM, Integrated Platform, Portfolio Management, Reporting, Trading & Rebalancing, Website/Portal

Complete technology solution for running an advisory practice.

API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On, Trading Integration
Advisor Transitions Agreement Express (AEX)

AEX Transitions is a SaaS-based solution that digitizes and streamlines processes for advisors transitioning between firms.

Retirement Health Advisor Aivante Financial Planning

Create fast projections of lifetime healthcare spending, personalized to client health and location.

Alkymi Data Inbox Alkymi Data Inbox Document and Form Management, Practice Management

Alkymi Data Inbox is a data extraction and automation application.

AllBackoffice Managed Operations Solutions AllBackoffice Consulting, LLC Outsourcing Providers, Portfolio Management

Managed reporting and billing for PortfolioCenter® and Web Reportal.

Daily Data Files
factorE AlphaCore Technologies, LLC Research & Analytics, Risk Analysis

factorE - a portfolio risk discovery platform for efficient advisors.

EnrichVideo Platform Amigobulls Inc Reporting

Personalized, Interactive Video Statements For Financial Institutions.

AccuProfile Andes Wealth Technologies Research & Analytics, Risk Analysis

The Google Maps for Advisors - Navigate emotions w/ client profiling.

Daily Data Files
AccuRisk Andes Wealth Technologies Risk Analysis

The Google Maps for Advisors - Navigate risk with 360˚ visualization.

Daily Data Files
Industry Data for Wealth Management AppCrown LLC CRM, CRM Consultants, Reporting

AppCrown delivers Industry Data, system integrations, into Industry Cloud CRMs.