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Leverage Schwab’s relationship with RIA vendors across the industry to research and select a solution that may be right for your firm.

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To help you find the right solutions for your firm, use the filters below to select the kind of tool or service you need. You can also filter results based on the level of integration with Schwab or even the provider's name. You can then easily focus in on those that may fit your needs, and click through to view detailed information, including screenshots of the technology in action.

Product Company Category Summary Schwab Integration & Programs
AssetBook AssetBook Portfolio Management, Reporting AssetBook is an leading portfolio management and reporting system. Daily Data Files
Fee Benchmarker Fi360 Reporting, Research & Analytics The Fee Benchmarker® unlocks access to a unique and highly regarded database of retirement specialist advisors’ fees and services and provides you with a plan sponsor ready report. In a few simple clicks, you can produce on-demand reports for prospecting, Daily Data Files
Fiduciary Focus Toolkit Fi360 Reporting, Research & Analytics Combining Fi360’s Prudent Practices, flexible advisor controls and elegant reporting, the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit™ drives superior client outcomes, enabling you to achieve better business results. Daily Data Files
BasisCode Compliance BasisCode Compliance Compliance Integrated suite of tech tools that satisfy regulatory requirements.
Advyzon yHLSoft Inc. CRM, Integrated Platform, Reporting, Billing, Website/Portal Advyzon includes most, if not all, of the technology needed by an advisory firm. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
emX eMoney Financial Planning, Integrated Platform Combines our advisor and client experiences, along with robust data aggregation. Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
Back Office Connection Outsource Services Back Office Connection Outsourcing Providers Outsourcing for Today’s Advisor. Daily Data Files
FinaMetrica Risk Profiling FinaMetrica Pty Ltd. Research & Analytics Psychometrically-based, user-friendly risk profiling system
Grendel Online Grendel Online CRM Premier CRM platform built for the financial professional. Daily Data Files
Tamarac Xi Envestnet | Tamarac Integrated Platform Portfolio and client management platform built specifically for independent RIAs. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
WealthSite WealthSite Reporting Multi-currency portfolio accounting, performance & partnership reporting
Max Six Trees Capital LLC Data Aggregator Intelligent aggregation solution for advisors & high-net-worth clients.
CompositeBuilder John Norwood Consulting, LLC PMS Consultant / Add Ons CompositeBuilder: an essential tool for GIPS compliance.
Mobile Scribe Copytalk Practice Management Copytalk provides secure transcription via phone or smartphone app.
TradeWarrior Rebalancing Software TradeWarrior, Inc. Trading & Rebalancing Tax efficient trading and rebalancing software Daily Data Files, Trading Integration
Assemblage Trumpet, Inc. Reporting Ditch the manual process - use Assemblage to prepare & deliver performance reports.
Custom Automation Software Database Concepts, LLC Practice Management, Other Software to automate office and trade functions.
AllBackoffice Managed Operations Solutions AllBackoffice Consulting, LLC Portfolio Management, Outsourcing Providers Managed reporting and billing for PortfolioCenter® and Web Reportal Daily Data Files
TotalWealthViews UHNW Reporting Solutions Private Client Resources Reporting Print, web and mobile reporting solutions for UHNW Advisors/Clients. Daily Data Files
Morningstar Office Morningstar Portfolio Management, Integrated Platform Complete practice and portfolio management solution for RIAs API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
Tamarac CRM Envestnet | Tamarac CRM A central integration point for servicing clients and streamlining your business API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
Tamarac Reporting Envestnet | Tamarac Portfolio Management An elegant portfolio management and performance reporting application. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
ProTracker Advantage ProTracker Software, Inc. CRM Providing CRM solutions to the financial services industry since 1997.
RightSize Shield Right Size Solutions, Inc. IT/Infrastructure/Hosting, Cybersecurity The RightSize Shield is a complete and compliant IT management solution for independent RIAs.
Redtail CRM Redtail Technology CRM Automated workflows, intuitive user interface and integrations galore. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
LIBRA Outsourcing Service BaySys Technology, LLC Portfolio Management, Outsourcing Providers Outsourced account/data reconciliation for your portfolio management system Daily Data Files
Morningstar Total Rebalance Expert Morningstar Trading & Rebalancing Tax sensitive rebalancer. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On, Trading Integration
Trumpet Worldox Trumpet, Inc. Document and Form Management Worldox® document management software with enhancements powered by Trumpet, Inc.
billPort Arcons Technology, Inc. Billing Client billing solution with Invoice, Custodial Exports & fee Sharing
Tamarac Trading Envestnet | Tamarac Trading & Rebalancing The industry’s leading portfolio monitoring, rebalancing and trading application API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On, Trading Integration
PortfolioCenter Hosted Envestnet | Tamarac Portfolio Management PortfolioCenter Hosted in our cloud service. Daily Data Files
Managed Security Xantrion Cybersecurity Managed Security is your turnkey cybersecurity compliance program.
Sycamore Client Manager Sycamore Company CRM, CRM Consultants Fully integrated CRM built for Advisors - Salesforce without the hassle
Redtail Speak Redtail Technology Practice Management, Other Communicate with staff via chat and clients via text, from CRM or app.
Client and Advisor Portal &Trading/Rebalancing Arcons Technology, Inc. Trading & Rebalancing Customizable portal to view client investments and perform trading/rebalancing.
Oranj Oranj Portfolio Management, Practice Management, Trading & Rebalancing Oranj is the industry's first freemium wealth management platform. Daily Data Files
Morningstar® Managed Portfolios SM Morningstar Investment Management LLC Portfolio Management, Other Outsourced investment strategies designed to help meet clients’ goals.
Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM Morningstar Research & Analytics Research and account management platform to build client relationships Daily Data Files
55ip Investment Strategy Engine 55ip Practice Management Automated investment science designed to reduce fees, extreme losses, and taxes.
Outsourced PortfolioCenter Solution Back Office Support Service (BOSS) Outsourcing Providers BOSS provides a total back office hosting solution for portfolio management, accounting, and reporting.
55ip Tax Technology 55ip Practice Management Proprietary algorithms drive automated tax management capabilities.
Morningstar DirectSM Morningstar Research & Analytics Investment analysis platform built to turn your vision into action.
Morningstar By All Accounts Morningstar Other Complete, Consistent and Timely Data with over 15,000+ sources Daily Data Files
ClientLogix UNAPEN, Inc CRM CRM Integrated with Your Portfolio Accounting System.
PriceFusion UNAPEN, Inc Other Pricing & Reference Data from Thomson Reuters to Advent Axys & APX.
ClientRep UNAPEN, Inc Reporting
StockOpter Pro Net Worth Strategies Inc Other, Research & Analytics Equity Compensation Tax Planning and Strategy Modeling
Ryker Custom Reporting Ryker Software Reporting Customized reporting solutions based on your requirements.
InvestmentPOD for Advisors InvestmentPOD Practice Management, Other POD = Passive, Opportunistic, Defensive. The only multi-strategy automated investing platform in the financial services industry.
WealthGuard Blueleaf Wealth Inc Other, Research & Analytics Dynamic, personalized risk management and automated communication.
Blueleaf Blueleaf Wealth Inc Reporting Automated reporting & communications that add value not work.
Atlas Bridge Financial Technology Portfolio Management Automation software for a simplified back-office experience.
MyRIACompliance RIA in a Box Compliance Online compliance software that helps RIAs meet regulatory obligations. Daily Data Files
Websites Three Crowns Copywriting and Marketing LLC Practice Management Digital content creation and brand messaging strategy.
Marketing Automation for RIAs Snappy Kraken Practice Management Automated client and prospect journeys to achieve specific outcomes.
TotalWealthViews UHNW Aggregation Solutions Private Client Resources Data Aggregator, UHNW Technology Premium outsource of complex UHNW client data aggregation: Daily Data Files
Yewno Edge Yewno Finance Research & Analytics AI enhanced research, risk, real-time portfolio construction platform.
Yourefolio Yourefolio Financial Planning Yourefolio is Estate and Legacy Planning software for advisors. Daily Data Files
Orion On-boarding and Project Services Back Office Support Service (BOSS) Outsourcing Providers BOSS provides unique expertise in on-boarding and special projects with a single point of contact.
GeoWealth Advisor Platform GeoWealth Integrated Platform End-to-end, fully integrated advisor platform for RIAs and IBDs
Greytwist Cybersecurity Governance Platform Greytwist, LLC Compliance, Cybersecurity Greytwist has designed a cost-effective Data Governance platform that help firms develop strong practices to mitigate data privacy risks.
Complect Marketplace Complect Compliance Marketplace to hire former CCOs & regulators for your compliance needs.
GIPS Compliance Consulting Focus 1 Associates LLC Compliance GIPS Consulting, GIPS Policies and Procedures Development & Monitoring
Complect Q&A Forum Complect Compliance Compliance forum for those who just want ad hoc compliance advice
Marketing Consulting Three Crowns Copywriting and Marketing LLC Practice Management Branding and communication analysis to grow digital marketing.
SEC Compliance Consulting Focus 1 Associates LLC Compliance SEC Consulting, Mock Exams, Annual Reviews, Outsourced CCO Services
AdvisorStream AdvisorStream Limited Practice Management, Other Automated client communication/digital content marketing platform for financial advisors.
Silver Advisor Revenues Silver Wealth Technologies Portfolio Management, Reporting Advisory fee billing solution that streamlines error-prone processes. Daily Data Files
Trade Ideas Wealth Trade Ideas LLC Research & Analytics AI risk management and idea generation for alpha in U.S. equity markets.
NaviPlan Client Portal Advicent Solutions Financial Planning Empower your clients with the collaborative NaviPlan client portal. API Integration
NaviPlan Advicent Solutions Financial Planning From simple goal-based to advanced cash flow planning, NaviPlan is the answer. API Integration
Liquidity Calendar Liquidity Calendar Services LLC Reporting Understand your liquidity across strategies, funds, tranches and more.
PitchBook Platform PitchBook Data Research & Analytics PitchBook is a financial database company that provides transparency into the capital markets.
Navigator ReferralSafe Practice Management Step-by-step guide for getting more referrals and introductions.
Zacks Advisor Tools Premium Zacks Professional Services Research & Analytics Advisor Tools Premium + Excel Add-in and model consultants.
FinFolio Web App FinFolio, Inc Portfolio Management Bundled solution combining key technology for advisors.
SCANalytics AdvisoryWorld Risk Analysis Investment Analytics, Portfolio Construction, Hypothetical Illustrations
Wealth Reporting Portfolio Pathway Portfolio Management Flexible wealth reporting in a simplistic, web-based platform.
RebalX Portfolio Pathway Trading & Rebalancing Rebalancing and trade order management with FIX connectivity.
Capitect Capitect Practice Management, Reporting A modern client dashboard for advisors.
Business Management vs. Practice Management Jennifer Goldman Consulting Practice Management, Other, Compliance Transform businesses to thrive through improved business initiative management.
Core IT Xantrion IT/Infrastructure/Hosting, Cybersecurity Core IT is your comprehensive IT operations and support program.
Advisor Proposal Generator AdvisoryWorld Practice Management Risk Profiling, Model Management, Goals Analysis with Monte Carlo Simulation and Proposal Generation
LifeYield Portfolio Advantage LifeYield Financial Planning Automate and quantify optimal asset location in dollars and cents Daily Data Files
E&O/Cyber Insurance Windermere Insurance Group, LLC Practice Management, Cybersecurity Professional and management liability insurance for RIAs
Clearnomics Clearnomics, Inc Research & Analytics Clearnomics is the market insights platform for wealth advisors
Emotomy Emotomy Portfolio Management Emotomy is an end-to-end digital investment advice platform for financial institutions. Daily Data Files
Riskalyze Pro Riskalyze Risk Analysis Advisors empower the world to invest fearlessly with the Risk Number®. API Integration, Daily Data Files
YCharts Professional YCharts Research & Analytics Investment research platform designed for today’s RIA.
Total AdvisorCloud VDI ITEGRIA, LLC IT/Infrastructure/Hosting, Cybersecurity RIA exclusive 100% cloud based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
Benjamin Benjamin Practice Management, Other Innovative software built by financial advisors to increase profitability.
Website & Collateral TE+A Marketing Website/Portal TE+A specializes in branding & marketing for advisors.
Digital Lead Optimizer Broadridge Practice Management Inbound digital lead campaign for RIAs seeking to optimize lead generation.
Practifi Practifi CRM Practifi is the business management platform powering growing financial advice firms around the world. API Integration, Single Sign On, Trading Integration
Outbound Marketing/Lead Generation TE+A Marketing Practice Management AMP orchestrates all your outbound marketing efforts.
The Zephyr Platform Informa Financial Intelligence Research & Analytics Asset allocation and portfolio analysis, construction and presentation software.
Websites and Marketing Automation for RIAs Broadridge Website/Portal Innovative websites and automated content marketing for prospecting and retention.
High Net Worth Property & Casualty Insurance Kelly Klee Private Insurance Other Kelly Klee is a modern insurance advisor for successful individuals who deserve protection for what they've earned.
WealthIQ Informa Financial Intelligence Portfolio Management Custom portfolio proposal software. Consulting Services Mosaik Consulting LLC CRM Consultants End to end Salesforce consulting services for financial services.
Tolerisk Tolerisk Research & Analytics A 2-dimensional risk tolerance assessment tool with deep analytics.
RightCapital RightCapital Financial Planning Deliver truly actionable financial and tax planning with ease.
XLR8 Concenter Services CRM Consultants Salesforce customized for Advisors and Wealth Managers
goalgamiPro Advisor Software, Inc. Financial Planning Quick planning tool for Household Balance Sheet reports.
ATOM ALIGN BlazePortfolio Systems Trading & Rebalancing Web-based tax-optimized rebalancing and electronic trading OMS system. Daily Data Files
ePACS Docupace Technologies, LLC Document and Form Management Cloud based SEC/FINRA compliant paperless workflow and document management
Advisor Websites Website/Portal Web platform designed to create and manage compliant, user-friendly advisor sites.
Financial DNA DNA Behavior Resources USA, Inc Financial Planning, Client Profiling FP Online financial personality management solution using validated financial personality insights.
Report Check John Norwood Consulting, LLC PMS Consultant / Add Ons Automated error checking for PortfolioCenter
Addepar Addepar, Inc. Portfolio Management, UHNW Technology Data aggregation, analysis, and reporting for financial advisors. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On
Securities class action claim filing Chicago Clearing Corporation Practice Management, Other Chicago Clearing Corporation is the securities class action specialist.
Envestnet Logix Envestnet | Logix Financial Planning, Client Profiling FP Finance Logix® combines the latest technologies with easy-to-use financial planning software Daily Data Files
Salentica Data Broker SS&C | Salentica CRM Cloud-based integration platform for Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics. API Integration, Single Sign On
APX (Advent Portfolio Exchange®) SS&C | Advent CRM, Portfolio Management One database for portfolio and contact management, deep accounting capabilities + transaction history Daily Data Files, Trading Integration
Salentica Elements SS&C | Salentica CRM An integrated CRM solution powered by Salesforce Lightning Platform. API Integration, Single Sign On
SEC Cybersecurity Service Adelia Risk Cybersecurity We help you protect your clients and comply with SEC cybersecurity.
Term Life Insurance Ladder Practice Management, Other Ladder is term life insurance built to be instant, simple, and smart.
Advent Genesis (SM) SS&C | Advent Trading & Rebalancing Manage models, rebalance accounts, monitor portfolio drift, and adjust strategies more quickly and efficiently. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On, Trading Integration
Salentica Engage SS&C | Salentica CRM An integrated CRM platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. API Integration, Single Sign On
Black Diamond Wealth Platform SS&C | Advent Portfolio Management, Trading & Rebalancing, Reporting, Website/Portal Black Diamond empowers you to deliver a personalized client experience by leveraging. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On, Trading Integration
Advent Moxy® SS&C | Advent Trading & Rebalancing State of the art scalability, connectivity and proven order management workflows empowers hundreds of firms. Daily Data Files, Trading Integration
Portfolio Lab Kwanti Research & Analytics Efficient platform for portfolio construction and proposal generation. Daily Data Files
ITComplete UNAPEN, Inc IT/Infrastructure/Hosting, Cybersecurity Fixed-Cost MultiLayered IT, Disaster Recovery & CyberSecurity Services.
Orion Advisor Services Orion Advisor Services, LLC Portfolio Management, Integrated Platform Technology that empowers advisors to be independent fiduciaries. API Integration, Daily Data Files, Single Sign On, Trading Integration
PreciseFP PreciseFP Document and Form Management, Practice Management PreciseFP, the leading client profile builder and form template tool.
Websites / Digital Marketing Twenty Over Ten Website/Portal Platform that allows advisors to create, manage and archive websites with ease. Net Worth Strategies Inc Research & Analytics Equity compensation risk analysis & diversification criteria monitoring.
Panoramix Sapphire Software Services, Inc Integrated Platform Complete Billing and Performance Reporting for Financial Advisors. Daily Data Files
Cyber Security The Tek Cybersecurity Cyber Security for protecting your customers data and your computer systems.
SatuitCRM Satuit CRM Intuitive buy-side CRM to track clients, prospects, and interactions.
I.T. Managed Services The Tek IT/Infrastructure/Hosting Advanced computer support and remote monitoring services.
SatuitCRA Satuit Reporting Automates client reporting functions to save time and reduce errors.
Jive Voice/Collaboration Jive Communications Practice Management, Other Cloud-based phone system with Retail and Salesforce integrations.
BARS-Billing and Reporting Solution BaySys Technology, LLC Reporting, Billing Comprehensive and powerful system for all fee billing and reporting needs. Daily Data Files
IFS Onboarding & Account Maintenance IFS Practice Management, Other Automate the onboarding process and enable digital account maintenance.
AccuProfile Andes Wealth Technologies Research & Analytics, Risk Analysis The Google Maps for Advisors - Navigate emotions w/ client profiling. Daily Data Files
DocuSign DocuSign Document and Form Management, Practice Management, Other, IT/Infrastructure/Hosting, Compliance Send and sign agreements securely from virtually any device.
Mirador, LLC Expert Services Mirador, LLC CRM Consultants, Technology Consultants, UHNW Technology Technology & operations consulting: strategy; selection; implement; operate.
Salesforce Consulting Services Vantage Point Consulting CRM, CRM Consultants, Outsourcing Providers We're the Salesforce consultant for financial services.
AccuRisk Andes Wealth Technologies Risk Analysis The Google Maps for Advisors - Navigate risk with 360˚ visualization. Daily Data Files
Mirador, LLC Financial Reporting Mirador, LLC Portfolio Management, Outsourcing Providers, Data Aggregator, UHNW Technology Data aggregation, analysis, and reporting service for financial advisors. Daily Data Files
Timelineapp Timelineapp Tech Limited Financial Planning Timeline helps financial planners bring a client’s retirement journey to life.
Wealth Access Wealth Access, Inc Reporting, Data Aggregator Advisor branded client portal delivering aggregation as a service. Daily Data Files
Laser App Enterprise Laser App, A division of iPipeline, Inc. Document and Form Management Installed forms filling solution which leverages existing data. Single Sign On
New Account Opening Agreement Express (AEX) Document and Form Management, Other AEX is a SaaS-based solution, providing the industry's first true end-to-end digital onboarding platform for wealth management firms. API Integration
Laser App Anywhere Laser App, A division of iPipeline, Inc. Document and Form Management Cloud based forms filling solution which leverages existing data. API Integration
Advisor Transitions Agreement Express (AEX) Document and Form Management, Other AEX Transitions is a SaaS-based solution that digitizes and streamlines processes for advisors transitioning between firms. API Integration
Benjamin Wela Practice Management, Other Benjamin is the world's first digital assistant built for advisors.
RIASure: Cyber and E&O Insurance Golsan Scruggs Practice Management, Cybersecurity Commercial insurance for managing cyber exposures.
IT Services & Solutions Highridge Technology, LLC IT/Infrastructure/Hosting Full Suite of Outsourced IT Solutions for RIAs and Wealth Management Firms.
MyRepChat Ionlake Practice Management, Other MyRepChat is an advisor tool that enables clients and advisors to communicate through SMS text.
Consulting Services Byrnes Consulting, LLC Practice Management, Other Benefit from strategy development to help advisors grow using online marketing.
Personalized Video Emails Byrnes Consulting, LLC Practice Management, Other Wowing clients and winning new business with personalized video emails.
Asset-Map Asset-Map, LLC. Financial Planning Illustrate a client's complete financial life on just one page.
Cred Cred Financial Solutions Practice Management, Other Attract clients through personalization across the entire investment journey. Daily Data Files
AdvisorEngine AdvisorEngine CRM, Portfolio Management, Trading & Rebalancing Advisor Engine builds powerful and intuitive technology for financial firms and advisors to help grow their business. Daily Data Files
AdvicePay AdvicePay Practice Management, Other Billing/payment solutions built for fee-for-service financial planning.
Junxure Junxure CRM The CRM that thinks like an advisor - With Junxure you can harness the power of meaningful data, forge deeper client relationships, and scale using smart automation. Visit to learn more. API Integration, Single Sign On
ReportWa Hexaview Technologies, Inc. Reporting ReportWa is a real-time report creation and distribution solution.
Consulting Services Hexaview Technologies, Inc. Practice Management, Other Business Solutions with Right Technologies.
Retirement Health Advisor Aivante Financial Planning Create fast projections of lifetime healthcare spending, personalized to client health and location.
ATA RiskStation ATA RiskStation, LLC Risk Analysis Highly intuitive cloud-based risk analytics to support RIA risk conversations with clients.
EnrichVideo Platform Amigobulls Inc Reporting Personalized, Interactive Video Statements For Financial Institutions.
LifeYield Social Security Advantage LifeYield Financial Planning Maximize Social Security, interface compares best strategies that show. Daily Data Files
Live Briefs PRO North America MT Newswires Research & Analytics North American broad market, sector and security specific news that matter most to you and your clients.
StratiFi Advisor Platform StratiFi Risk Analysis StratiFi's advisor platform identifies and manages portfolio and practice risk, all in one platform.
CircleBlack CircleBlack Data Aggregator A central aggregation hub for Advisors that integrates outside systems
Totum Risk Totum Research & Analytics, Risk Analysis Totum, a unique multi-scoring risk tolerance questionnaire and analytics tool. Daily Data Files
Mobile Assistant Mobile Assistant, Inc. Practice Management Mobile Assistant is the secure, accurate way to document client meetings.
Live Briefs PRO Global Markets MT Newswires Research & Analytics Global broad market, sector and security specific news that matter most to you and your clients.