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The Best Way to Travel: Musings from Asia
Liz Ann Sonders
November 19, 2018
After traveling to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore last week, I reminisce about some of the more lively discussions we had with our Asian clients and investors.
Should You Invest In The Only Country Planning Stimulus In 2019?
Jeffrey Kleintop
November 12, 2018
Economic growth for many of the world’s biggest economies is expected to slow in 2019, yet China appears to be the only one planning on implementing economic stimulus. While a bounce from China’s stimulus is possible, we believe global growth is likely to slow as the economic cycle nears a peak, leaving investors to consider reducing volatility by trimming the more volatile asset classes such as emerging market stocks.
Where Will Long-Term Interest Rates Settle?
November 09, 2018
As the Fed approaches its long-term interest-rate target, how should you approach your bond investments?
Is It Time to Consider European Equities?
Jeffrey Kleintop
November 09, 2018
The U.S. stock market’s relentless run-up has left many investors exposed. Now may be the time to allocate elsewhere.
With the Midterm Elections Behind Us, What’s Ahead for Congress?
Michael T Townsend
November 07, 2018
Divided government could make major legislative changes difficult. What’s on Congress’ plate?
Higher Ground: Wage Growth Makes its Move
Liz Ann Sonders
November 05, 2018
There was much to cheer in October’s jobs report, especially wage growth; but that tends to come at a “price” of tighter monetary conditions.

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Global equity market insights

A perspective on global equity markets through a behavioral finance lens from Omar Aguilar, Chief Investment Officer, Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies of Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc., a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation.

Timely takes on fixed income investments

A perspective on global economic and fixed income developments from Brett Wander, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income of Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc., a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation. 

The changing landscape of cash investments

Review our cash platform and how we've been evolving our strategy to ensure we continue to provide a breadth of secure, competitive cash options to support the needs of your clients. 

The Case for Global Asset Allocation

Here we discuss the merits of a globally diversified portfolio, and how advisors should respond to new market realities.

Alternative investments: A goals-based framework

In this piece, Anthony B. Davidow, CIMA®, Vice President, Alternative Beta and Asset Allocation Strategist at Schwab Center for Financial Research™, takes a deeper-dive into the various types of alternative investments and suggests a framework for using them to build goals-based portfolios.

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