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Rate Hike Pause: Why Did the Federal Reserve Change its Tone?
February 13, 2019
The Federal Reserve’s dovish turn at its policymaking meeting in January was a surprise for the markets, coming only six weeks after the Fed last raised rates and indicated further tightening was likely. What happened?
No Quarter: Could 1Q19 Bring Negative Earnings?
Liz Ann Sonders
February 11, 2019
Although 4Q18 earnings season is capping a very strong calendar year for earnings; the outlook for 2019 is decidedly murkier, with 1Q19 already in negative territory.
Five Stock Market Indicators For 2019 You Should Ignore
Jeffrey Kleintop
February 04, 2019
As investors ponder what this year may hold in store for the markets, the inter-relationships between politics, economics, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and corporate actions can seem very complex. Investors may feel overwhelmed and seek a simple answer. When people feel there is a situation that is out of their control or is too complicated to analyze, they often fall back on rules of thumb to make decisions.
Two Out of Three Ain’t (Good): Leading Indicators Falter Again
Liz Ann Sonders
January 28, 2019
The Conference Board’s release of December’s Leading Economic Index was notable for its continued trend deterioration; and the second decline in three months.
Throw Caution to the Wind? Not So Fast
January 24, 2019
Despite a recent increase in risk appetite, we still see plenty of reasons for fixed income investors to remain cautious in 2019.
Tax War: Will Global Competition to Lower Taxes Lift Growth?
Jeffrey Kleintop
January 22, 2019
After last year’s U.S. tax cuts contributed to better growth and market performance, a number of major countries are looking to reverse the declines in growth and voter satisfaction with tax cuts in 2019.

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Global equity market insights

A perspective on global equity markets through a behavioral finance lens from Omar Aguilar, Chief Investment Officer, Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies of Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc., a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation.

Timely takes on fixed income investments

A perspective on global economic and fixed income developments from Brett Wander, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income of Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc., a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation. 

The changing landscape of cash investments

Review our cash platform and how we've been evolving our strategy to ensure we continue to provide a breadth of secure, competitive cash options to support the needs of your clients. 

The Case for Global Asset Allocation

Here we discuss the merits of a globally diversified portfolio, and how advisors should respond to new market realities.

Alternative investments: A goals-based framework

In this piece, Anthony B. Davidow, CIMA®, Vice President, Alternative Beta and Asset Allocation Strategist at Schwab Center for Financial Research™, takes a deeper-dive into the various types of alternative investments and suggests a framework for using them to build goals-based portfolios.

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