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Tied to Trade: What’s Next for Emerging Market Stocks?
Jeffrey Kleintop
November 11, 2019
A wide range of outcomes from -10% to +40% may lie ahead of emerging market stocks depending on the timing and details of a trade deal.
Split Personality: U.S. Economy’s Bifurcation Persists
Liz Ann Sonders
November 04, 2019
Last week’s key releases of job growth and ISM manufacturing data highlight the ongoing bifurcation in the economy; with the consumer bucking manufacturing’s malaise.
Fed Cuts Rates as Expected … Three and Done or More to Come?
Liz Ann Sonders
October 30, 2019
As expected, the FOMC lowered the fed funds rate (and the IOER) by 25 basis points; with a slightly more hawkish tone in the accompanying statement.
Will The Crash in Autos Drive The End Of This Cycle?
Jeffrey Kleintop
October 28, 2019
The last global economic cycle ended with a housing bust; will the bust in auto sales end this cycle?
It’s Late: So Says the Profits Spread and Leading Indicators
Liz Ann Sonders
October 21, 2019
We may be at a moment of truth of sorts for both profits and leading economic indicators as they relate to where we are in the economic cycle.
The Bond Investors’ Dilemma
October 17, 2019
With Treasury bond yields near all-time lows, many are reluctant to invest in longer-term bonds—but sitting in very short-term investments could mean lower income if short-term rates decline. What’s an investor to do?

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