Financial Solutions



Build a diversified portfolio with alternative investments

Schwab provides access to a wide range of alternative investments that can be leveraged to build diversified portfolios to meet client needs, including the Schwab Alternative Investment Marketplace™ platform, which provides access to menus of private funds offered by third-party platform sponsors.


Schwab offers new Pacific Life Odyssey® Variable Annuity

For clients looking for tax-deferred growth, the addition of Pacific Life Odyssey Variable Annuity provides a competitively priced1 option along with the support of Schwab Annuity Concierge Service for Advisors.



Schwab’s spectrum of investment options gives your clients the flexibility they want with the support they need.

Health Savings Brokerage Accounts (HSBAs)

As health care costs continue to rise, including long-term, tax-advantaged savings strategies to meet these needs can be an important part of an investment portfolio. Schwab's HSBA makes it easier to incorporate and manage HSA savings as part of your clients' complete financial picture.

Equities and options

Explore domestic and global equity markets with Schwab's open-architecture platform, backed by tools and resources to assist you with researching, monitoring, and validating equity investments.

Exchange-traded funds & mutual funds

Access a wide range of exchange-traded funds and mutual funds with Schwab's open-architecture platform, backed by the tools and resources you need to research, compare, and select third-party managed investments.

Fixed income

Leverage Schwab's comprehensive platform for all fixed income investing and a team of specialists to help locate a favorable combination of rates and maturities.

Managed accounts

Schwab provides access to a broad range of money managers, backed by tools and resources to assist advisors with researching, monitoring, and validating these third-party investment services.

Alternative investments

Convenient access to a wide range of alternative investments can help you to build customized portfolios based on your clients' goals and liquidity needs.

Variable annuities

We offer two competitively priced1 variable annuities from Pacific Life and Great-West Financial® and support both with our Schwab Annuity Concierge Service for Advisors.

Education investing

Find convenient ways to save for education expenses in a tax-advantaged way, with proceeds withdrawn tax-free when used for qualified education expenses.

Cash management, banking & lending

You have access to a broad array of cash management, banking, and lending solutions from Schwab and Schwab Bank, letting you address your clients’ needs.

Cash management

Provide your clients with secure, competitive options for savings and investment cash, as well as for everyday cash. Review the products, features, and benefits of each to help you find the cash solutions that are right for your clients.

Bank deposit solutions

A Schwab Bank checking account, when linked to your Schwab brokerage accounts, offers the convenience of managing everyday cash and expenses, as well as an easy way to move money.

Lending solutions

Offer your clients comprehensive financial management strategies with complementary lending solutions and pledged asset lending through Schwab Bank’s lending programs.

Tailored client services

Maximize your possibilities with advanced custodial support from Schwab. Use our broad range of customizable solutions to enhance your capabilities and increase your options.


Access tools and resources designed to help you provide exceptional guidance to wealthy individual and institutional clients. Backed by our open-architecture platform, our broad range of products and personalized services are supported by specialists who help you choose the right solutions for your clients.


Personal Trust Services

Schwab offers tools and expertise to help advisors manage personal trust assets efficiently with solutions for individual trustees and for clients seeking a corporate trustee, providing a full range of trust administrative and reporting services.2

Charitable giving

Help clients give more strategically through a Schwab Charitabledonor-advised fund account—a tax-smart investment account with funds dedicated to charity.

Digital advice

Combine your wealth management expertise with the power of an automated investment management technology platform using Schwab's Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®.

Business solutions

Serve your business owner clients more effectively with flexible retirement, equity awards, and stock purchase plans from Schwab Corporate Services.

Serving family offices

Give your wealthy families the elevated service they expect and the sophisticated products they need, all backed by Schwab's expertise in serving family offices.


Put clients first with a flexible approach that combines our comprehensive proprietary digital platform, third-party integration, and industry-leading expertise.