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Advising High-Net-Worth Clients & Institutions

Serving ultra-wealthy and institutional investors comes with urgency and complexity. With $739 billion in ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) investor assets custodied with Schwab Advisor Services™,1 we put our scale to work for you and your clients.2

Empowering you with people, technology, and solutions

Use our ecosystem of support to help build your ideal firm and serve your UHNW clients. For over three decades, Schwab has worked with leading Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms to address the unique needs of their ultra-wealthy clients.

Tackling complex challenges and marshalling internal and third-party resources creatively isn't just what we do. It defines who we are.

Institution-grade services

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    Technology that puts ultra-wealthy clients first

    Customize portfolios with our open-architecture platform.

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    Asset safety, stability, and data security

    Protect assets with our multi-layer approach.

  • Financial solutions for UHNW clients

    Optimize your offering with world-class banking, trust services, and a range of alternative investments.

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    Philanthropic services that meet UHNW clients' needs

    Maximize impact with tax-smart solutions.

A community of advisors solving complex needs

Take advantage of insights from our community of creative problem-solvers that's nearly 15,000 RIA firms strong.

  • Jason Fertitta of Americana Partners

    An opportunity bigger than Texas

    Jason Fertitta of Americana Partners goes independent to offer specialized services that meet his clients' most complex needs.

  • Gary Hirschberg of Aaron Wealth Advisors

    Embarking on a new mission

    Gary Hirschberg charts a new course for UHNW clients by offering education, customized solutions, and community values.

Resources for building connections with clients

From brochures you can share with clients to insights that sharpen your marketing, our resources can help you deepen your client relationships and strengthen your business.

  • Speaking to HNW investor needs

    The power of possibility

    Focus on helping your clients design their futures. Download the brochure and show them how Schwab has helped advisors and their wealthy clients for more than 30 years.

  • Connecting with institutional investors

    Maximize the possibilities ahead

    Help institutions maximize investments that further their mission and make a difference. Download this brochure and show your institutional clients how Schwab's experience can help you meet their distinct demands.

Firsthand insights on serving HNW and UHNW clients

What does serving today's wealthiest families really look like? How can you grow your practice with this type of complex client? Learn from your peers in our latest interview series.

What HNW investors want advisors to do: Ask questions and listen

  • What HNW investors want advisors to do: Ask questions and listen

    The right communication is essential for long-lasting relationships. Develop marketing strategies that work using insights from our study.

  • How to win a $1B client

    Head of Schwab Advisor Family Office Eddie Brown discusses how the UHNW community is evolving and how to cement long-term relationships.

  • Connecting at the family level

    Whether you're looking to move upmarket or you're already running a family office, meet the unique needs of your ultra-wealthy clients with a personalized experience powered by our specialized expertise, technology, and connected community.


We help you serve who you want—how you want.

Underscore the value you bring to wealthy individual and institutional clients. Talk to a Schwab Business Development Officer to learn how our innovation, insights, and resources can help you own your future and better serve your clients.

All conversations are completely confidential.


Read about privacy at Schwab at www.schwab.com/privacy.

1. Ultra-high-net-worth investor assets are defined as households with investable assets greater than $20 million.

2. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., February 28, 2022.