Going Independent

This is your moment. We can help you seize it. 


Becoming an independent Registered Investment Advisor

Independence isn't just the logical next step in a successful career—it's what gives you the freedom to offer a new level of service to your clients. Schwab helps independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms of all sizes follow their own blueprints to create a brighter, more prosperous future.

  • The future is bright for RIAs

    graphic of hot air balloons

    The independent RIA movement is growing—are you ready to be a part of it? See how advisors are reshaping the financial landscape.

  • Busting RIA myths

    Fact vs. Fiction. Getting to the truth about the independent model.

    You've probably heard many misconceptions and outdated ideas about the RIA model. Get the facts to see if the RIA model is the right path for you.

  • Meet challenges with agility

    A tablet shows the cover of the Rise Above white paper.

    Discover how the flexibility of independence helps advisors pursue their goals, even in times of turbulence. The Rise Above white paper shares advisors' stories about finding strength in the RIA model.

  • Creating a modern office

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    The beauty of independence is getting to decide for yourself what work looks like. In Creating Your Own Formula for the Modern Office, you'll learn four ways that RIAs are redesigning work—and turning heads in the process.

Benefits of becoming an RIA

The RIA model continues to build steam as more advisors make the transition.1 Learn what independence could look like for you and how it may help you better serve your clients.

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Experience to help you thrive

With more than 30 years of experience serving RIAs, Schwab connects you to a vast network of in-house and third-party consultants and providers so that you are supported at every stage of your journey. 

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Independence designed by you

From joining an RIA as an employee to building your own firm from scratch, there's more than one way to reach independence. Schwab Business Development Officers can share information about the different paths so you can make the best choice for your future.  

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Resources for continued growth

Learn how the RIA model could work for you with our collection of interactive tools, videos, and more.

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What's your earning potential as an RIA?

What's your earning potential as an RIA?

Keeping more of what you earn is one of the compelling reasons advisors choose to go independent. Explore the earning potential of the RIA model.

Quick insights from RIA leaders

Choosing to break away can be full of unknowns. Learn more about going independent today from those who have walked the well-worn path before you.

Why Schwab?

The right custodian can make a difference. Discover what sets Schwab apart and how we can help you realize the full potential of your business. Get the overview, or dive deeper with the links below.

  • Asset safety at Schwab

    We take pride in our commitment to security, privacy, and long-term financial health. See how we protect client data and assets.

  • Business Consulting & Education

    Learn how to take your firm to new heights with our in-depth consulting and executive education programs.

  • Forward-thinking technology

    Our robust digital onboarding, comprehensive technology platform, and vast third-party tech integrations provide a streamlined end-to-end solution for you and your clients.

Your path to independence begins here

Your path to independence begins here

Take the first step toward the RIA model. Connect with a Schwab Business Development Officer for a completely confidential conversation and to learn how we can help advisors.


1. The Cerulli Report, U.S. Intermediary Distribution 2021: Leveraging Data to Navigate Change, Exhibit 2.02, Cerulli Associates, September 8, 2021.

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