Navigating Risk & Regulations
Navigating Risk & Regulations

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An update on the world of insurance for advisors

In the world of financial institutions, insurance serves an integral role in the foundation of an investment advisor's risk tolerance. Understanding the benefits of the key insurance policies available will empower advisors to implement best practices, inclusive of adequate insurance protections as part of their risk management program.

The latest Compliance Review from Schwab focuses on common insurance coverage types, claims, misconceptions, and case studies to help advisors determine appropriate levels.

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Compliance Reviews

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    Strong controls, lower risk: How a robust compliance program can protect your firm and clients

    The risks that advisors face may continually change over time, but the fundamental requirements applicable to an investment advisor remain the same. A strong compliance program designed around operational, regulatory, and compliance risks and focused on identifying and addressing conflicts of interest will go a long way in protecting an investment advisor, whatever the environment.

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    Practical cybersecurity for advisors: Keeping up with the evolution of best practices

    Some of the most useful guidance regarding cybersecurity policies and infrastructure comes from regulators, including FINRA, the SEC, the CFTC, and the states. This information can help firms develop cybersecurity safeguards, including sound policies and procedures, the right technology, and effective testing.

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    Pandemic puts business continuity plans to their ultimate test

    As the coronavirus pandemic has made clear, having a well-crafted business continuity plan can be critical to a firm's ability to maintain stable operations while continuing to provide quality service to clients. The pandemic is likely to lead to more intense regulatory scrutiny of how advisory firms have prepared to navigate through disruptive events in general, including natural disasters and cybersecurity attacks.


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