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Tools & Resources for Independent Advisors

Plot your path to independence with our resources. From industry data and advisor insights to transition options—we've got you covered.

Understanding the RIA industry

Thinking about making the move to the RIA model? Understand the forces behind the industry's movement toward independence—and how you stand to benefit.

  • Modern office

    Independent advisors are shaping the future of work on four fronts. Here's how you can too.

  • Exploring independence

    There are more advantages to becoming an RIA than ever before. Be sure you're in the know.

  • Mastering the moment

    Learn how powerful forces have created opportunities uniquely suited to independent investment advisors.

  • Forward momentum

    Choosing independence can be the most important factor in accelerating your career, especially when transitioning as part of an elite team.

  • Rise above

    Investment advisors have harnessed the freedom and flexibility of the RIA model to thrive—even during challenging times.  Learn how.

  • Simplifying wealth

    The number of ultra-wealthy families is on the rise—and so are their expectations. Make sure you have the resources you need to best serve them.

  • Busting RIA myths

    There are many misconceptions about becoming an independent RIA. Get the facts straight before choosing your path forward.

Transition considerations

A smooth transition to independence starts with envisioning the future you want. Use these tools and resources to explore whether you're ready for life as an independent advisor.

  • RIA Roadmap

    Looking to navigate the path to independence? Let this resource help guide you.

  • 8 signs you're ready to move

    Take this short assessment to know whether it's your time to make the move to the RIA model.

  • Explore your earning potential

    Use the RIA Economic Discovery Tool to learn your projected income and future firm's valuation.

  • Ready to grow your firm?

    Identify action items and resources to help you take your firm to the next level in our Guiding Principles assessment.

  • The 5 core RIA models

    What will it look like to chart your own course to independence? See how independence works in each model.

  • The hybrid RIA model

    Combine fee-based and commission business for a mix of freedom and familiarity. Is the hybrid RIA model right for you?

  • Insurance for your RIA

    Learn about three common types of coverage RIAs rely on to protect their clients' assets and their firm.

Industry leader and advisor stories

Hear stories from peers who moved to the RIA model and gain insights from industry experts who share the impact independence can have on your business.

Q&As with RIA industry visionaries

Many questions arise when advisors consider joining the independence movement. This video series explores key topics with industry experts and RIA owners. Get a look inside the model and different perspectives on the opportunities ahead.

Independent Perspectives. New views of the RIA model.

Pursue what matters most

For many, independence is about seizing control of their careers and lives. Brett Sharkey from Three Bridge Wealth Advisors describes how the RIA model allows him to deliver more personalized service to his clients.

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Advisor stories

For advisors

  • Facing waves of change with a new RIA

    Goodwin surfing

    Brad Goodwin shares why he went independent during the pandemic, how clients reacted, and what to look for in a custodian.

  • Importance of having the right custodian


    After delays, frustrations, and a clash of values, Tyler Boon decided it was time for a change—even in the middle of a pandemic

  • Overcoming burnout and uncertainty with the RIA model


    Mergers, turnover, and a financial crisis. How two advisors leveraged independence to overcome uncertainty and build a lasting firm.

  • Loving life serving clients on her terms

    coastline highway

    Stasia Washington left a successful career in banking to join an RIA—and never looked back. She shares how she rose to the top with a client-first approach.

  • Defining independence for themselves

    woman advisor

    The freedom of independence means something a little different to everyone. Hear advisors tell their own stories about why they made the move.


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