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Whether you want to work for an existing Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm or build your own from scratch, you have choices when it comes to going independent.

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Bring your talent:
Join an RIA as an employee

Yes, you can go independent and keep the comfort of being an employee. By working for an RIA, you gain many of the benefits of independence, without having to manage your own business.

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The best of both worlds:
Affiliate with an RIA

Manage a branch of an existing RIA and keep your book of business. You gain the freedom to serve your clients your way with the support of an established firm to handle back-office operations like compliance.

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Stronger together:
Share equity with experienced partners

Equity partners can help with virtually every aspect of running your firm, from the transition process to retirement planning. They also take on a portion of the risk and share in your rewards.

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Take a load off:
Outsource tasks to a platform provider

From cybersecurity to compliance, RIAs can access an ecosystem of time-saving support providers. You can offload aspects of your operations and still maintain full ownership of your firm.

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Call the shots:
Create your own RIA firm

Select the products, services, and technology to best serve your clients. Own your business, build equity, and choose how you grow and expand. This is your vision realized.

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Explore the Spectrum of Independence

Each advisor has a vision for success. Some want control of every aspect of their firms. Others want a turnkey setup or an equity partner to help them scale quickly. Each path is different. But they all lead to greater flexibility over how you serve your clients and grow your business.

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Your journey begins here

There are many roads to independence. Whichever one you head down, Schwab Business Development Officers are here to help.

All conversations are confidential. We welcome questions from all advisors—no matter your background, AUM, or ambition.