Why Schwab

Why Schwab

We champion your independence by delivering the scale, experience, and insights that empower you to take your business further.

The Schwab Difference

Discover the Schwab difference

Over 7,500 independent financial advisors of all sizes depend on Schwab. Here's why.

Advisors in Transition

What if now is the right time?

"I realized that working as an RIA, I would be acting on my clients' behalf and no one else's. It's the difference between being independent and being truly independent."

Lindsey Williams, Vista Capital Partners

Advisors in Transition

Brett Sharkey: Road to independence

See how Schwab helped advisor Brett Sharkey turn his "someday" into today.


Navigating independence

Find out what you need to understand the RIA opportunity.

Exploring Independence

Discover how you can transform your future—and control 100% of your revenue—as an independent advisor. See an up-to-date look into the economic advantages and other benefits of this increasingly popular path.


The RIA Roadmap

What does it take to become an RIA? Discover key steps for making the transition in this essential guide.

RIA Economic Discovery Tool

Estimate the financial benefits you could see with the RIA model. Chart your potential income, profit, and business equity based on insights from the experiences of more than 7,500 advisors.

Forward Momentum

The independent RIA industry is attracting more assets and clients each year. See why a record number of elite, large teams have chosen the model.

Championing Independence

Hearing about the experiences of other advisors who have made the move to the independent RIA model can help you understand what's ahead. Three advisors share their personal stories about their transition and the support they received from Schwab Advisor Services™.

Evaluating your custodian

The RIA model doesn't mean going it alone. Are you satisfied with support from your custodian? Ask these seven questions to evaluate your provider.


The help you need to succeed

Tina Kerr and her team of Schwab Advisor Services™ Service Professionals help meet advisors' day-to-day needs. Learn more about her experience and how her team serves advisors like you.


Serving high-net-worth clients and institutions

High-net-worth individual and institutional investors have highly complex financial needs. Schwab Advisor Services has industry-leading resources to help you navigate these situations.

Meet our trading team

The dedicated professionals on the Schwab Advisor Services Trading Team are here to help with your requests. Learn more about the people behind the desk and the services they provide to our clients.

Charles Schwab Bank®: Built for your clients' needs

Charles Schwab Bank, the 12th largest bank in the United States, was built to serve the needs of advisors' clients. Learn more about how the bank can help with your day-to-day needs from Christian Rodriguez.

We'll help you make the move

Our Advisors Transition Services team can help you seamlessly transition to the independent RIA model. Learn more about how Matt Faries and his team help firms and their clients.

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