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Independent perspectives: New views of the RIA model

As you consider independence, there is a lot to navigate. We've brought together a diverse group of advisors at Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms and industry experts to dig into the big questions that may be on your mind.

How do you know when it's time to go independent?

Mike Smith started his own firm when he felt he could serve clients better on his own than with his former employer. See how Mike grew his new practice in the RIA model by offering clients more personalized service.

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How can you deliver the level of service clients expect?

Before going independent Fariba Ronnasi wanted to be sure her clients would receive the exceptional service she expected from Schwab. Hear how Fariba got the support she needed from Schwab Advisor Services™ throughout her journey to independence, including website creation, connecting with compliance experts, and ensuring her clients had access to the support they needed.

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How can seeing the larger picture bring everything into focus?

Listening to your vision is the first step for Schwab’s Business Startup, Technology, and Transition Consulting Teams. Hear how they discuss your goals and create a path toward independence based on those goals—from beginning with a transition plan to helping you evolve as the needs of your clients change.

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How can you bring your vision for independence into the real world?

Marcy Shipman has helped many advisors transition to the RIA model and understands the challenges they face. Learn how she works to provide advisors with practical steps to bring their vision for independence to life.

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How do you grow serving younger clients?

At 25 years old, Alan Moore built his financial planning firm, XY Planning Network, on the belief that people deserved access to financial advice regardless of their age or assets. See why it's an idea that paired perfectly with the RIA model.

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What should you keep in mind when evaluating potential custodians?

Jason Snipe left his independent broker-dealer to start his own firm. Two years after launching Odyssey Capital Advisors, Jason shares some lessons he learned while going independent—and what he feels is important when choosing a custodian.

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How do you create modern client experiences that defy expectations?

Jack Straub is a founder and principal at AdvicePeriod. He knows a great deal about building a firm of the future. Jack shares how RIAs are using tech to deliver what's most important to clients - and why he thinks simplicity is a potent business strategy. 

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How is the RIA model evolving now—and how could it impact your goals?

As an M&A expert, Dave DeVoe has a different view into the independent model than most. He's seen where it's been. And he reveals where investment advisors are taking it now. Learn how the flexibility built into the RIA model is becoming one of its greatest assets.

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What's fueling the breakaway advisor trend?

Industry veteran Mindy Diamond is the president and CEO of Diamond Consultants. Because she is a top thought leader, many sophisticated financial advisors seek her guidance as they survey the RIA landscape. Get her unique perspective on what draws advisors out of wirehouses and into independence.

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What is best-in-breed technology?

Janelle Ward surveys the vast technology landscape and maps out the latest ways to create efficiency in RIA firms. Coming to Schwab from TD Ameritrade Institutional, Janelle is a managing director and technology consultant. She shares how the tech support for RIAs rivals the tech support found in other channels.

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  • Going independent

    The RIA model gives you the control to draft your own blueprint for the future. Discover opportunities for growth and the flexibility to serve your clients the way you know is best.

  • Choosing the right path

    There are many ways to go independent. Explore the options, and learn the important questions you should ask to find the path that’s best for you and your clients.

  • Making the transition

    Moving to the independent RIA model can be an incredibly rewarding process. We’re there to support you at every step.

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