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Alternative Investments

Schwab offers access to a variety of alternative investments so that you can build diversified portfolios for sophisticated clients. Our dedicated alternative investment service team provides support you can count on.

Open new doors for your clients with alternative investment platform solutions from Schwab

Unlock new ways for your clients to reach their goals with a variety of solutions available on Schwab's alternative investment platforms, including private equity and real estate. Schwab's alternative investment platforms provide access to streamlined solutions for you and your clients.

Schwab’s alternative investment platforms

  • Schwab Alternative Investment OneSource® platform

    Tap into the quality, transparency, and cost-effectiveness you expect from Schwab by selecting from a diversified portfolio of non-listed alternative investments issued by well-known asset managers. Choose from hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and alternative income strategies—all with streamlined execution, consolidated reporting, and no annual custody fees. The Schwab Alternative Investment OneSource platform is an efficient way to bring alternative investments to clients who have varying levels of wealth and investing experience.

  • Schwab Alternative Investment Marketplace™ platform

    Eligible advisors can use this platform to access menus of funds and strategies from third-party platform sponsors.1 These platform sponsors offer detailed fund information to help you review and select the alternative investments that you decide are appropriate for your clients. Streamlined capital call processing and no annual custody fees make the Schwab Alternative Investment Marketplace platform an option if you're looking to include private investments in client portfolios.

Schwab Alternative Investment Custody Services

Schwab Alternative Investment Custody Services

For investments that are not on one of Schwab's alternative investment platforms, our Alternative Investment Custody Services allows advisors to hold many non-listed securities alongside their clients' traditional assets.2 If a security doesn't meet acceptance criteria, it may be eligible to be held with Schwab's preferred alternate custodian. In general, Schwab holds in custody the following asset types:

•    Onshore and offshore hedge funds and hedge funds of funds
•    1933 Act-registered and private non-listed real estate investment trusts 
•    Private equity funds and funds of funds
•    Other third-party pooled investments
•    Certain private stock

Streamline processing of pooled investments

Securities offered by firms participating in the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation Alternative Investment Product Services platform are eligible for an expedited review process.

Client education and support resources

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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing. The prospectus or offering memorandum contains this and other information. These materials should be read carefully before investing. This is not an offer of, or a solicitation to subscribe to or purchase, securities.

1. Advisors and clients must meet eligibility requirements as determined by the third-party firm or third-party platform sponsor to invest in funds.

2. Subject to acceptance review.

Alternative investments, including funds that invest in alternative investments, are risky and may not be suitable for all investors. Alternative investments often employ leveraging and other speculative practices that increase an investor's risk of loss to include complete loss of investment, often charge high fees, and can be highly illiquid and volatile. Alternative investments may lack diversification, involve complex tax structures and have delays in reporting important tax information. Registered and unregistered alternative investments are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as mutual funds.

Schwab does not provide investment advisors, or their clients, advice or make recommendations about potential investments in any funds on the Schwab Alternative Investment OneSource platform, funds made available on third-party platforms that participate in the Schwab Alternative Investment Marketplace platform, and funds that may be held in custody. It is each investment advisor's responsibility to determine the suitability of such an investment for its clients. Alternative investments are risky, and an advisor's clients may lose their entire investment in a fund.

Schwab receives remuneration from third-party firms participating in the Schwab Alternative Investment OneSource platform for recordkeeping, shareholder services, and other administrative services.

Schwab receives remuneration from the third-party platform sponsors participating in the Schwab Alternative Investment Marketplace platform for recordkeeping, shareholder services, and other administrative services.

With Schwab Alternative Investment Custody Services, Schwab has neither endorsed nor approved the investment and Schwab's acceptance of the investment into custody indicates solely that the investment meets the criteria of Schwab's existing systems and procedures, and that the acceptance in no way can be construed to be either an endorsement or evaluation of merit of any kind or an acknowledgment that the investment complies with any sanction, legal authority, or regulatory statute.