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More investors now know what you're all about.

The Independent Difference campaign is a multimillion-dollar national advertising campaign that's helping educate investors about what sets independent financial advisors apart. This is your story. And it's not just getting attention—it's causing more and more investors to reach out and connect with independent financial advisors that are listed in their area on


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How's it impacting your area?

The Independent Difference campaign has a national reach, but what really counts is how it's doing at the local level. Find out how many investors in your market are seeing and reacting to the campaign, and get additional insights to help you see what growth opportunities are out there for your firm.

Map of United States with 89 dots representing markets the campaign has impacted.

Independent financial advisors are seeing results.

How do we know the campaign is working? Investors are connecting with advisors they found on our advisor directory.

Through this campaign, we connected with a client who converted $1 million in assets to our firm.

Jeff Lang, Seneschal Advisors LLC

Because of the campaign, we added two new clients who then referred us to their family members. Now they are our largest client family, with a $12 million portfolio.

Will Stites, KitlerHowling LLC

Explore the Independent Difference campaign.

TV advertising

The TV ads, currently running on Golf Channel, CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business, feature real independent financial advisors and highlight the values they live by.

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Print and digital advertising

The print and digital ads run year-round in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Forbes, Golf Magazine, on Facebook, and more. They feature real independent financial advisors sharing why independence matters for investors.

Digital Ad Wendy

Immersive educational initiatives

We also get the word out about independent financial advisors through engaging digital experiences like our award-winning marketing program "Spotting Your Blind Spots," developed in partnership with The Wall Street Journal. This interactive game helps high-net-worth investors discover common wealth management pitfalls and how an independent financial advisor can help.

A screen shot of the interactive game called “Spotting Your Blind Spots.”

Investors are taking action.

Our advertising drives investors to, where they can learn about the benefits of working with an independent financial advisor and search for one in their area. So far, the website has had over 3 million visitors and 300,000 searches on our advisor directory - with over half of directory searches leading to an email, call or visit to an advisor's website.

See what it's all about at
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What can you do to generate leads?

Here are some resources that can help you boost your digital presence and capture the leads we're driving in your local market.


Campaign data sources: Sizmek reporting (August 2020), Adobe Analytics (August 2020) and On Demand Analytics (August 2020)

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