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Talent Resource Center

Build an enduring firm with useful insights and actionable tools to evolve your firm's talent strategy.

People are your most important asset

Top-performing firms create a cycle of opportunity to attract and retain key talent, ensuring continuity of their firms' people, culture, and values. Complexities emerge as your firm grows, but success can be fueled by developing an organizational strategy, by making compensation a competitive advantage, and by empowering your employees to unlock their full potential.

Download Establishing a Firm's Legacy Through a Cycle of Opportunity to learn more about creating your own cycle of opportunity to attract, develop, and retain key talent at your firm.

Explore our Talent Resource Center for tools and resources to evolve your firm's talent strategy.

Circular graphic of the cycle of opportunity, which includes Sourcing and Hiring, Organizational Strategy, Compensation and Incentives, Development and Retention, and Succession Planning.

Supporting the people who shape your firm

Explore additional programs designed to help you create an inclusive firm culture, foster employee development, and discover next-generation talent for your firm.

  • Meeting diverse client needs

    Discover key insights into the evolving investor, along with tools and resources to attract diverse talent and create an inclusive firm culture.

  • Preparing next-gen leaders

    Learn more about our exclusive one-year program that helps prepare successors to manage and grow Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms.

  • Finding tomorrow's top talent

    Our RIA Intern Program creates a bridge to rewarding advisor careers by connecting top college students with valuable RIA industry experiences.


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