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Getting Started

Getting started

Great people make great business, but finding them requires a smart hiring strategy. To help grow your firm and achieve your business objectives, it's important to find the right people at the right time.

Before you begin the search for your next hire, it's critical to first evaluate your recruiting needs, consider who in your firm should be involved in the process, and ensure that you have written a clear, concise, and comprehensive job description.

Create an environment within your firm where the next generation feels like they are part of the momentum, part of the vision, part of building out new initiatives, and where they can actually have a say.1

Sabrina Lowell, Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc.

How to develop your recruiting strategy

Create a culture of recruitment
Build a recruitment team.
Write a job description.

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1. Schwab's RIA Firm of the Future Study, conducted for Schwab Advisor Services by Koski Research, June 2015.

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