Meet the 2023 RIA Talent Advantage Scholarship Winners!

Schwab Advisor Services™ and Charles Schwab Foundation have created the RIA Talent Advantage Student Scholarship to help remove financial barriers, advocate for diversity, and open doors for future talent within the independent RIA industry.

The RIA Talent Advantage Student Scholarship program has awarded 12 $10,000 scholarships to undergraduate students seeking a major or minor in financial planning and, ultimately, a career in the RIA profession. At least six of the twelve scholarships have been, and will continue to be awarded, to underrepresented and diverse recipients. Read the press release to learn more about the scholarship.

These scholarship winners represent the future of our industry, and we are excited for you to get to know them. Meet our 2023 RIA Talent Advantage Scholarship winners!

Natalia Arriaga

Natalia Arriaga, Winthrop University, Senior

"I quickly learned that there was a massive lack of representation for women, especially Hispanic or minority women, in the finance sector. This encouraged me further to pursue a career in finance because I want to offer more diversity to the field and represent my community and make a difference. I want to educate not only my clients, but the people of my community about what financial literacy and personal finance can offer them. This has become a big part of why I continue to strive for a career in personal finance. I believe that everyone deserves to experience financial wellness and I think this starts with financial literacy."

Rachel Clayberg

Rachel Clayberg, University of Northern Iowa, Junior

"I am truly seeking a career where I can use what I know to help others be better. Within financial planning, I see a way where I can make a real impact on my community. While the financial planning industry is a wonderful place to be, helping various people with differing needs means also having various types of people working with them. Diversity in the workplace continues to be an everyday issue. Its important women know they are safe, valued, and equal in the workplace."

Marvin Davies

Marvin Davies, The Ohio State University, Senior

"Unfortunately, not many have the privilege of having people around them who are financially responsible. Learning financial literacy is not stressed equally between households, especially in the black community. As an RIA, I would bridge that gap by redefining financial growth, starting with my community. I want to serve my clients with all the tools necessary to achieve their financial goals. I aspire to help a wide variety of clients, from families with education planning to preparing a portfolio that encompasses a risk-averse person looking to retire."

Jane Dunlap

Jane Dunlap, Calvin University, Senior

"I want to eventually start my own RIA financial planning firm. I know that the earlier you begin a healthy financial journey the better off you will be in the future and that is why I hope to work specifically with young professionals. I think that I could have a big impact by working with passionate and caring young people who want to help others and I can guide them in managing their money so that they are equipped to go out and do more good in the world. I'm excited to be a financial planner and I can't wait to go out and make connections, build relationships all while guiding and teaching people about personal finance."

Elysa Flores

Elysa Flores, The University of Texas at Austin, Junior

"I am struck by a profound truth: financial literacy holds the power to change lives, empowering individuals to make educated decisions, take control of their future, and dismantle barriers. Rooted in my personal experiences and passion for equal opportunity, this belief motivates me to pursue a career as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), guiding individuals—especially those previously left in the dark—towards a brighter future."

Annelyse Gould

Annelyse Gould, Pepperdine University, Sophomore

"As I delve deeper into finance each day, I become increasingly inspired by the freedoms finance provides to impact change in the lives of others. I yearn to become a Registered Investment Advisor as I have witnessed firsthand the impacts they make on the lives of others. My experiences have strengthened me and inspired my dedication to breaking down limitations for women in finance. It is crucial to encourage women to pursue their passion, even if society views it as unconventional. In the RIA industry, diversity is essential."

Ria Karcherla

Ria Karcherla, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Senior

"Since a young age, my involvement in community service has instilled in me a deep love for helping others and a strong sense of satisfaction derived from making a positive impact on their lives. Recognizing the influence, one could have on individuals and communities, I made an early decision to use my education in finance and accounting to guide others toward achieving their financial goals. This passion led me to the wealth management industry, where I saw the opportunity to combine my expertise with my desire to assist people from different backgrounds in making informed financial decisions and achieving their financial goals."

Ansley Nicolaus

Ansley Nicolaus, University of North Florida, Senior

"Diversity holds immense significance, as companies that lack diversity miss out on exceptional talent and growth opportunities. Diversity is also important for students to see. As a student, witnessing successful women thriving in this field never fails to inspire and ignite a surge of determination within me. I actively seek out opportunities to connect with women already established in the industry, eagerly absorbing their stories and ideas. I firmly believe that representation matters in all aspects of life, and careers are no exception."

Nathan Redman–Brown

Nathan Redman–Brown, George Fox University, Senior

"The reason I seek a career as an independent RIA is simple: I want to provide the best and be the best. And in the financial services industry being the best means providing the best I can to clients. The best service, the best advice, the best honesty, the best brokerage partner, the best communication, and the best everything. An RIA structure allows me to channel this passion in a less biased and true-to-the-client way. Aligned incentives are better for the client and better for me as an advisor."

Riley Siltman

Riley Siltman, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Junior

"My journey towards the RIA industry has been fueled by a strong passion for financial wellness and management, as well as my personal "money story" that has shaped my perspective. The challenges that come with the RIA profession only serve to further excite and motivate me, as they will push me to become a more understanding, patient, and knowledgeable advisor. I am confident that my dedication and empathy will allow me to positively impact the lives of those I serve, making a meaningful difference in their financial well-being."

Grant Van Winkle

Grant Van Winkle, The Ohio State University, Senior

"Being an RIA is something that I want to dedicate the rest of my life to. Knowing that I am able to help families create generational wealth and be able to sleep at night knowing their money is safe is a career that I want to be a part of every single day. Someday, I hope to own my own RIA. Not only does it provide a great business, but it also allows you to become connected to the local community that you are a part of."

Jessica Whilhite

Jessica Whilhite, Utah Valley University, Senior

"Most financial planning paths help clients reach goals, but as an independent RIA professional, not only would my clients benefit, but I would gain the flexibility to progress and expand in a way most careers don't allow. This profession perfectly combines the fundamental pieces of who I am. The diversity of the people we see in this field influences the scripts that form and the beliefs we hold. Although the numbers are not where we want them, the industry now has more advocates for inclusion. I am grateful to the successful minorities who look back and encourage me to keep going. I will be one of those women."

Interested in connecting with our winners? Check them out on LinkedIn or connect with them through RIA Connect.

Interested in connecting with our winners? Check them out on LinkedIn or connect with them through RIA Connect.


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