Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Jennifer is a CFP® with 25 years experience transforming businesses. Her proven IDEOS method has produced profitable, scalable, legacy businesses with empowered staff and positive culture, and a great client experience. Jennifer's career path included Quality Control specialist at M&T Bank, first woman rookie advisor at Boston's Smith Barney, Senior Planner and Operations Transformer at largest multi family office firm in the 90s, Advisor to angel and venture investors, and Director of Operations at several firms. Jen has been published in Inc Magazine, Tech Tools for Today, Liberated CEO, and spoken at national conferences. Her passion is to teach the methods to business owners through her workshops and consulting. Jen's personal life includes being mom of 2 children, wife of one very understanding man, Finance Committee Member, marketing and tech pro bono consultant to League of Women Voters - Get Out the Vote, founder of town's Personal Finance Program for middle school kids, and other various activities.