Private Client Resources

PCR was founded by a group of private clients in 2000 to deliver services tailored to wealthy families. Since then we have established a 17-year track record of delivering a tailored outsource of complex UHNW data aggregation and client reporting focused on the unique demands of wealthy families and their advisors. PCR has always been known as a high-quality UHNW reporting solution. The fact is our reports are award-winning because we tackled the must tougher challenge of aggregating and enriching very difficult to acquire and understand wealth data in ways that were more efficient and accurate. Every industry trend, advisory methodology and client study has reaffirmed our core believe system - UHNW advice must be based-on a total view of wealth - including both sides of the balance sheet, business interests and other illiquid accounts. We knew the importance of total wealth aggregation over 17 years ago.