KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER First, clients complete a target-risk questionnaire that reveals their true investment personality. Then, we analyze their portfolios with our PRISM risk management software to reveal often invisible risks. This process generates a PRISM portfolio score to be compared to the client's target score. In minutes, advisors and clients are working together off the same analytical data. RISK ANALYTICS Our PRISM software measures portfolio sensitivity to four dominant investment factors: • Volatility • Diversification • Tail Risk • Concentrated Stock Score Each category is assigned a 1 to 10 risk score that is synthesized into an overall portfolio score. The lower the score, the healthier the portfolio. We can do the same for every account in an advisor's practice to provide advisors with a risk score for their entire business. This analysis is the essence of institutional portfolio management. RISK REDUCTION We help clients understand their accounts in different scenarios by using the past to measure the present, and the future. That's why we use many historical market events, including the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, to stress test client portfolios. COMPLIANCE By using PRISM to evaluate every portfolio under management, firms can further quantify compliance and investment risk. This added level of review and analysis helps keep a firm's leadership ahead of the risk curve and adds an important tool to their management dashboard.