Tolerisk is a 2-dimensional risk tolerance assessment tool for investment advisors. It lets advisors analyze their client's willingness to accept risk using a psychometric profile and as well as their ability to take risk, by analyzing their cash-flow chronology. Both dimensions are combined into the Tolerisk Score, the numerator in a simple stocks/bonds ratio. Inputs and assumptions are shocked, highlighting the big drivers of risk tolerance for your client and illustrating how it will likely evolve through time. Tolerisk evaluates client circumstances across 1,000+ historical paths for equities, fixed income, and inflation. Tolerisk even incorporates second-to-die probabilities by year for each spouse. Based on all of this robust information, the realistic probability one or both clients outliving their money is computed, so advisors can be confident in their client's assumptions. Schwab Advisors get 10% off pricing by using referral code: SchwabRIA