3 reasons large teams should go RIA

Submitted by lina.zuluaga on November 12, 2018

3 reasons large teams should go RIA.
With Shirl Penney, Founder, President, and CEO, Dynasty Financial Partners

1. You’re not alone.

I think the wirehouses have historically have done a pretty good job of creating a sense of fear or confusion on there not being great access to product or great access to technology in the independent space, and the reality is none of that’s true. And success breeds more success. And what’s happening now is the road to independence is incredibly well-worn with large, successful teams, billion-dollar team after billion-dollar team finding its way to independence. Large teams are starting to get educated by their peers that have made the move to independence, and, as a result of that, they’re getting inspired to make the move them self.

2. It’s a win-win-win.

For their clients, they’re able to get access to information, the whole digital client experience, the reporting capabilities, the access to products that you now have on the independent side, makes it better for clients. It’s better for the advisors in terms of their enhanced cash flow. Most of the advisors tend to make more money once they set up an independent firm. And then it’s also for their employees, because they’re able to operate in an environment where the infrastructure has been custom-built for exactly the way that they want to serve their clientele.

3. The future is bright.

I think the future for the very large-scaled professionally run RIA is incredibly bright, and I think those firms that are focused right now on building and running a very professional RIA that scales technology in all aspects of their business, is they have a strategy to deploy and enable technology to scale their entire business. They have a growth plan that’s both organic and inorganic. With a third, roughly a third of advisors saying that they’re looking to retire over the next 10 years, there’s a massive consolidation and acquisition in organic growth opportunity for those very well-run, well-capitalized RIAs that are out there.

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