3 technology advantages for RIAs

Submitted by lina.zuluaga on November 12, 2018

3 technology advantages for RIAs.
With Eric Clarke, CEO, Orion Advisor Services

1. Deeper client relationships.

Technology is impacting the RIA movement in a big way. You know, historically, technology has been viewed as the great equalizer. And so as technology has improved, advisors are finding that they’re not only able to get similar technology when they go independent, but now the technology in the independent channel has exceeded the technology capabilities within their existing firms. So as they go independent, and they’re thinking, ‘Okay, I’ve got to have technology that’s on par with my current situation,’ they’re finding that the technology that’s available to them allows them to deepen client relationships, grow their business, and expand their opportunities.

2. Easier to implement than you think.

Advisors are finding now more than ever, not only is the technology available and accessible to them, but they can implement that technology easily within their firm. I think that the best non-industry example of that is Apple with the iPhone. It’s very simple, very easy to use. And we’ve used that, really, as a model and a prototype for our business to say what can we be doing to not only improve technology, improve use cases for our advisor clients, but also make it really easy for them to use and implement within their firm?

3. It’s only going to get better.

I think we’re just on the cutting edge of seeing how technology can make investment portfolios more transparent and bring together the client experience, bring together not only information about portfolio valuations, but also bring to the forefront how clients are doing in relationship to their financial planning goals that they’ve established, how they’re doing in relationship to the income needs that they’ll have during retirement. Bringing all that information together and making it accessible right at the client’s fingertips is of absolute importance. And we’re seeing that happen today, but we’re going to see more and more of that as we move into the future, as well.

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