Earning Independence

Submitted by kristin.mccasland on November 6, 2019

Jane King:
My name is Jane King, and I'm president of Fairfield Financial Advisors. I've been in the investment business all my professional life. The investment business is very entrepreneurial, so I always knew someone who had gone out on their own. I needed to have earned my own financial independence before I felt I had earned the right to give advice. Once I became financially independent myself, I felt it was the right time for me to start my own independent registered investment advisor firm.

Caroline King Hedges:
My name is Caroline Hedges, and I am the client relationship manager at Fairfield Financial Advisors. I started my career right out of school at a large Wall Street firm which then fell victim to the market volatility in 2008. I think that was a pretty eye-opening experience for everyone who worked in finance, and it really taught me that smaller is definitely more manageable and more adaptable. Since then, I've only been at smaller firms. Obviously, seeing how fulfilled my mom was in starting her own business and the work-life balance that she was able to attain was really attractive to me and was totally convincing to join forces with her.

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