Female Advisor Advantage

Submitted by kristin.mccasland on November 6, 2019

Jane King:
In my opinion, my clients are more comfortable talking to a woman because we're less intimidating and that we ask a lot of questions and hear their concerns and try to come up with a collaborative solution to their issues.

Jane King:
Many of my clients tell me they're more comfortable talking to me as a woman about personal financial issues because they consider me more empathetic or sympathetic or nonjudgmental when talking about personal matters. As a woman, as a parent, as part of a blended family, I feel I bring my own life experiences to the issues and concerns of my clients.

Jane King:
And some people have said, "Well, you know, women advisors, they're great for women." They're great for everyone. Most of our clients are men or couples. And, so the idea that the women advisors only serve the female market, they do that, too. But it's a myth that male clients, or couples, families who we serve are all very comfortable having a female advisor.

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