Great Career for Women

Submitted by kristin.mccasland on November 6, 2019

Jane King:
In my opinion, the Registered Investment Advisor profession is great for women, especially women starting or raising families, because it gives them wonderful flexibility. Being an RIA and having a family and working with clients who are also families gives me the flexibility to be both parent and professional and with the understanding of my clients.

Caroline King Hedges:
I think the RIA profession is wonderful for women. I know through my childhood, my mom was always very involved in my life. I don't think a lot of working parents have that luxury. The work-life balance I think is definitely key and I think working at smaller firms, you definitely have more control over your salary, your bonuses. I think working on your own, having your own firm, obviously you can create your own destiny and you can choose clients that obviously respect your opinion and that hopefully wouldn’t come to you if they thought having a woman as an advisor was not a bonus. So, I think that’s an important factor to consider.

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