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Inside the RIA ecosystem.

Orion Advisor Services

Eric Clarke, CEO, Orion Advisor Services

As we built our business over the years, I've noticed that our advisors truly care about the financial well-being of their clients.  They're saddled with their concerns, their burdens, and the last thing that they want to deal with is the successful implementation of back office technology. So we take that responsibility off of their hands, allowing them to focus on their client relationships, and helping those clients meet those financial goals and objectives.

Going independent means trading limitations for possibilities.

We talk to advisors every day that are frustrated by the walls that are being built up around them, the things that they can't do, the networks that they can't create, the services that they can't provide to their clients. And as they transition towards independence, those walls come down, the barriers, they go away, the networks that they can create open up, and they find themselves in an environment of independence that thrives on working with services providers that have to compete to win their business, to help them succeed each and every day, as opposed to keep putting up barriers to keep them in their current situation.

Independence is about doing right by clients and building value.

There are two things that advisors have a real advantage of when they go independent. The first is doing the right thing for the client, setting themselves up under a business model that allows them to act as a fiduciary and do what’s in their clients' best interests. The second thing that it allows them to do is build value, because it allows them to build up the valuation of their firm over time, and have something that they can put a very successful plan in place for succession and ultimately transition that business off to continue providing best-in-class services to their clients.

Large RIA firms are growing even larger.

We work with some of the largest investment advisors in the country, and those investment advisors are doing a phenomenal job at working with their clients, doing the right thing for their clients, and as that happens, they are really seeing their businesses grow. And the amount of scale that we have to provide as a tech provider has increased and it’s definitely a focus of our business as we move into the future, as well.

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