Our pledge to the independent advisor community

Submitted by Brian.Lavelle on March 10, 2020

- Hello, everyone. As we move forward, we wanted to share our thoughts about the future. So, this is our pledge to the independent advisor community.

- When it comes to independent advisors, we're all in.

- We're all in.

- We're all in.

- We're all in.

- Today, over half the firms we serve have under $100 million in assets under management with us.

- You are the future of this industry.

- This is our commitment.

- This is our commitment.

- This is our commitment.

- To you and to every client we serve.

- We will provide industry leading custody services with no assets under management minimums, no custody fees, and no intention to raise them.

- Because we believe that every firm of every size deserves world-class support.

- You can count on best-in-class technology and open architecture including a rapidly growing network of third party providers.

- We give you freedom to choose technology that fits the way you want to work.

- You'll be working with the best and the brightest service professionals in this industry.

- With deep experience helping firms just like yours and a commitment to seeing the world through your eyes.

- You can expect in-depth practice management consulting and insights for every firm on our platform.

- From our industry leading RIA benchmarking study to cyber security resources and more. We help you grow and stay on the leading edge.

- We're making conversion easy for you with a digital account opening process so you can bring clients on board securely with just a few clicks.

- To the over 7,500 firms who have been with us on this journey, thank you. If you're considering independence, maybe now is a good time to get to know us. That's our pledge and our commitment to the independent advisor community.

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