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Resources to help us succeed.
Quadrant Private Wealth

Going independent doesn’t mean going it alone.
There are a number of resources available to advisors who choose the RIA model.
Focus Financial Partners is a partnership of independent wealth management firms and one of many consulting options available to advisors.
Focus Financial Partners has worked with Quadrant Private Wealth during their transition to the RIA model and beyond.
Quadrant Private Wealth selected Schwab Advisor Services™ as their custodian.

Jason B. Cort, CPWA®
President, Founding Partner, & Private Wealth Advisor | Quadrant Private Wealth

One of the greatest challenges leaving the warehouse world was we didn't know how to run a business and we've always believed that you can't surround yourself with enough good people that can add value and at the same time have your best interest at heart.

Kori Lannon, CPWA®, CRPC®
CMO, Founding Partner, & Private Wealth Advisor | Quadrant Private Wealth

The real turning point for us was when we met the folks at Focus Financial Partners. They handed us a spreadsheet, I think it was a 250 to 300 point spreadsheet that said this is what you guys are going to have to accomplish in the next six months to make this work.

Marketing, technology, human resources, operations, you name it, if it's related to run a business Focus has a vested interest in helping us make smart, logical decisions.

Financially as well, they helped us to bridge the gap from running your own practice within a wirehouse to independently running your own practice. We continue to value Focus as an extremely useful resource. We collaborate with them very, very frequently. They just have such an extraordinary top-notch pool of intellectual capital to share.

Herman L. Rij, CIMA®
Chairman, Founding Partner, & Private Wealth Advisor | Quadrant Private Wealth

The decision of a custodian is obviously a very, very important one. We had the opportunity to interview many different firms. And when we got all said and done we just felt much more comfortable with the options available to us and support available to us through the people at Schwab.

Brian C. Cort, CFP®, CHFC, CRPC®
COO, CCO, Founding Partner, & Private Wealth Advisor | Quadrant Private Wealth

At the time of our transition one of the most asked questions was, are my assets still safe, and it was very easy to say that Charles Schwab Institutional was going to be the keeper of the assets.

We are obviously looking for someone that could safeguard our client assets, but also provide all the technology and all the support that would allow us to focus on what we do best, which is working with clients, and not have to worry about did we have access to research, did we have access to trading, did we have access to the basic, you know, accounting systems. Schwab took care of all of that for us.

Once we formed Quadrant and started to transfer our book of business, they were amazing at a time when we didn't have any extra hours or minutes or seconds to spare.

The hard work was absolutely worth it and if it wasn't for everybody in the firm really having each other's backs and understanding that it would take a joint effort. And Schwab there right with you gave you a sense of well-being that you could just put your head down, focus on the task at hand and make it through the transition.

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