Reza Zamani

Submitted by Karthik.Vechalapu on January 8, 2019
Steel Peak Wealth Management

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Reza Zamani
Steel Peak Wealth Management
REZA: When we decided that it was time for us to go independent, the very first phone call we made was to Charles Schwab.

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Adam Schwartz
Schwab Advisor Services

ADAM: Reza and his team made the decision that independence made sense for them. They really wanted to grow their business.

REZA: They put us in touch with every single person that we needed to meet to build our practice the way we wanted to build our practice, which is for the best interest of our clients.

ADAM: Ultimately they've had a lot of success in their move. They brought over the vast majority of their clients in a very short order.

REZA: I was on the phone with Adam probably two, three times a day. I need an accountant–look at this person. We need a marketing group, I need somewhere I can order desks, I need someone who can help me find the office space. Adam was the quarterback. He essentially helped us meet all the different key people that we needed to meet so we can build a company.

ADAM: The advisor sees us as their right-hand man every step along the journey.

REZA: There's two times in my life when I've become free: When I came to this country at the age of six, and October 12, 2012, when I became free as an advisor.

ADAM: They've got Schwab supporting them every step along the way and there's no reason they're not going to be very successful.

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Charles Schwab
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