Senior and vulnerable investors — Know the warning signs

Submitted by Yue.S.Wang on April 27, 2018

Senior and vulnerable investors — Know the warning signs

Michelle Thetford
Vice President, Schwab Advisor Services Client Strategic Solutions

With the expansion of the cybercrime industry and our aging population, financial exploitation is sharply on the rise in the financial security industry. It's critical that advisors and their teams know what red flags to look for.

Financial exploitation occurs when there is unauthorized or improper use of an individual's resources, typically by someone that they trust. Sadly 90% of elder abusers are family members, or people that are closest to their victim.

So the things that you as the advisor should be on the lookout for include:
•    Changes in the habits—the way your clients spend money, or unpaid bills.
•    A reliance on a new “friend” or a family member to make financial decisions.
•    Isolation – if you notice that your client becomes more isolated from former trusted professionals.
•    If you notice signs of abuse, either physical or emotional.
•    And finally, individuals that are attempting to block your client's access to their own assets.Financial exploitation is its own type of risk to your clients. Knowing

what to look for and having a plan to help your client if you suspect they are being exploited is one of the most important roles you will play as an advisor.  


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