Serving Millennial Investors

Submitted by kristin.mccasland on November 6, 2019

Caroline King Hedges:
One thing that I feel millennials should be concerned about, but really have not made a priority at this point, is retirement planning. I know, amongst my friends, a lot of them are still paying off student loans or saving up for a first time home. But I think that retirement planning often falls on the back burner. And especially with social security in limbo at this point, it's something they really need to consider. I think baby boomers are obviously at a very different stage of their life. They're winding down their careers, versus millennials are just in the midst of it or looking, maybe, to start a new business. So their priorities are much, much different. And also, they're not as focused on 65 as the magic age that they'll stop working. I think they're much more focused on having a career that fulfills them and keeping up with that as long as they can mentally sustain it. I think that's an important factor to consider with the younger generation.

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